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Chinese New Year Book Tag

The Lunar New Year started last Tuesday.

In Fruits Basket terms, 2019 is the Year of the Boar, AKA the Year of Kagura.


Kay at Hammock of Books made this awesome Chinese New Year book tag that I HAD to participate in.

Happy NEW New Year!


My Zodiac Animal

Despite my fear of getting this wrong, I’m going to barrel forward with the confidence of a straight white male.

Year of the Monkey, friends!!

Just like Ritsu!

Related image


1. New Year | A book with a phenomenal beginning

I love Lily Anderson’s on-point intros.


Undead Girl Gang communicates character, tone, and plot in the very first chapter.

I understood Mila, her family, her friends, and her crush right away.


2. Chinese New Year | A book by an Asian author

I’m reading The Vegetarian right now.



All the narrators so far have been men.

Not only does this contradict the book’s “freaky feminist” hype, you know how I feel about third-party narration.


3. Lunar New Year | A book that takes place in space

I held out for These Broken Stars for a WHILE.

It finally appeared, as if by magic, at my local library.

These Broken Stars

Authors Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner wrote the book long-distance in an improvised fashion.

I was working on a similar project at the time, so I was stoked.

I DNFed this book because of the male POV. That character was not interesting enough to warrant a POV.

I really hate when books by female authors with female protagonists reveal an additional male narrator. (WHAT’S GOOD, SHIP IT?)

Enough male perspective! Just let the girls have this one!


5. Zodiac/Year of the Pig | An animal sidekick

I made my choice based on the gorgeous horse procured for the film version of The Two Towers, though I swear Shadowfax makes an appearance in the book.

The Two Towers

“On, Shadowfax! Show us the meaning of haste!”


6. Lucky Color Red | A book with a red cover

The Vanishing Stair, sequel to Truly Devious, came out last month.

Vanishing Stair

I’m waiting on the paperback.


7. Firecrackers | A book exploding with action

How come the ONLY book I can think of is the first Left Behind?

Left Behind

Multiple planes crash and several cars explode in the first 100 pages.

This pick should give you an accurate picture of how cool I was during the 2000s…


8. Red Envelopes | A book you can’t wait to open


Call Down the Hawk





9. Delicious Food | A book that made you so hungry

Shout-out to The Horse and His Boy, the best of the Chronicles of Narnia books.

Horse and his boy

Cor walks in on a group of dwarves frying up a traditional English breakfast.

I don’t like sausage, beans, or tomatoes and the description still made my mouth water.


10. Gathering With Family | An amazing fictional family

Excepting the dad, the family in Saffy’s Angel is fun.

Kid 1

I love Indigo. He’s my favorite.

I should read farther into this series. Hilary McKay’s books are underrated.


Happy New Year one and all!

Tag yourselves to keep Kagura’s energy flowing.



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