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TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: “You’re lucky you didn’t try to kiss me.”

Strong female protagonists are great. Sometimes.

There is a glut of female protagonists who are skilled in the fighting arts. On one hand, great; you go, girls, proving those fools who think women are weak wrong.

On the other hand, this characterization limits “strength” to physical strength. The “strong” in “strong female character” doesn’t have to be literal, and having strong=powerful can result in a weak character if that’s all that makes your character interesting.

In Eyes of War, this fight scene comes out of nowhere. In terms of story, it serves little purpose and feels more like wish-fulfillment. I tried to do it justice with my sporadic Southern accent.



In 2014, tired of my pop culture rants, my mom told me, "You should start a blog!" In 2015, needing a place to gush about the new Star Wars trilogy, I created this site. In 2016, while working an insane schedule at the local bakery, I stopped writing. That same year, I moved to Seattle. Picture every fresh-faced young woman you've ever seen stepping out of a taxi in a movie. That was me...only with a lot more anxiety and shorter hair. Living here has been a trip. I'm not always happy, but I find plenty of stuff to write about. I love to call out, complain, overreact, analyze, and reimagine. This site contains the fruit of that labor.

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