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Blog Update: Hiatus?

I haven't felt all that interested in writing fiction for...a while. I've felt jealous of other bloggers with WIPs and daily word counts, but I never felt  compelled to join them. That was until I found an idea that excited me. Like all my favorite ideas, this one started as a joke. Then I started… Continue reading Blog Update: Hiatus?


The Perfect Book Tag

Sofii over at A Book. A Thought. created the perfect book tag. It's called The Perfect Book tag. The idea is to combine a number of beloved into a single perfect read. Oh, and you can't use the same book twice. I don't know that my book will turn out perfect, but I'm still excited… Continue reading The Perfect Book Tag


The Book Break-up Tag

(Trigger warning: dating disasters) My love life, for once, is going well. I can't say the same about my reading life. This started out as a jokey blog post that turned really serious. (I wrote it during the December Sads.) To avoid the dark, woe-is-me implications of something I'd INTENDED to be funny, I turned… Continue reading The Book Break-up Tag


The Book Sacrifice Tag

I am here to destroy some books. I turn over and/or cover up books I don't like when I see them displayed in a store; I would have no compunctions about burning one of them. Hit me with the questions. (I found this over at Beth's blog Reading Every Night.)   An Over-Hyped Book Situation: You’re… Continue reading The Book Sacrifice Tag


How to Ship the Sailor Senshi

In 2012, I came across a drawing of the Sailor Senshi with their season 1 nemeses the Shittenou. I didn't think much of it. I considered it author art. If I were a mangaka, I would draw speculative crack ships ALL the TIME. Then, through rumor and conjecture, I learned this drawing referenced a scrapped… Continue reading How to Ship the Sailor Senshi

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A Sailor Moon Story

In December 2016, having JUST moved to Seattle, I decided to do all my Christmas shopping at Kinokuniya Book Store. Conveniently located AND full of fun knickknacks? Call me a Christmas GENIUS. In truth, this plan excused endless browsing of items I couldn't afford, such as stuffed sharks, long socks, and English-translated manga. One day,… Continue reading A Sailor Moon Story


Spring Cleaning Book Tag: 2019 Edition

My schedule has fluctuated massively in the last few weeks. With new Tuesday classes, weekly dinners, and church events, I feel like I'm busy all the time. I'm getting a rare night in to recalibrate and get some reading done. Writing-wise, my brain is broken, so I've been stacking up the book tags. I've seen… Continue reading Spring Cleaning Book Tag: 2019 Edition

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The Ultimate Harry Potter Book Tag

Ultimate? Harry Potter? My recent complaints have made me nostalgic for the series. I guess WRITING AN ENTIRE SCREENPLAY ABOUT REMUS LUPIN WILL DO THAT TO YOU. And this tag (created by Isabeau's Literary Musings, discovered at Under the Book Cover) had rapid-fire questions that are easy to answer. Let's go!   ROUND ONE: OPINIONS… Continue reading The Ultimate Harry Potter Book Tag


Harry Potter Honouring the Dead Book Tag

No one tagged me, but here I am. Harry Potter and death are two of my favorite things. I had to be here. There are many, many spoilers ahead. I will try to mark them beforehand, but not promises. Before we start, I have to show some house pride: Ravenclaw Surprised? So am I! On… Continue reading Harry Potter Honouring the Dead Book Tag

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Frozen Book Tag

Are we allowed to talk about Frozen again? I haven't watched it since the negative discourse erupted in 2013. I hear it's still selling a ton of merchandise. Good for Disney, I suppose. Anyway, this is a Frozen-inspired book tag ripped from Never Not Reading.   Let It Go A book you wouldn't mind parting with I read Part of… Continue reading Frozen Book Tag