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Making the Jellicle Choice

(Spoilers for Cats)

I take issue with the Jellicle Choice.

Old Deuteronomy made a mistake. Continue reading “Making the Jellicle Choice”

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Lunar Chronicles = Star Wars

Like Star Wars, The Lunar Chronicles utilizes familiar sci-fi archetypes, such as the ace pilot, the plucky heroine, and the damsel in distress.

I love both series for exactly this reason. Continue reading “Lunar Chronicles = Star Wars”

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Favorite Ship Dynamics

I had an epiphany recently about my favorite type of ship.

(“Ship” as in “fictional relationship,” not as in “boat.”)

I used to say my favorite was “enemies to lovers.”

I knew, though, that that description wasn’t quite right.

Then I watched The Rise of Skywalker and realized, “Duh…I like Hero x Villain ships.” Continue reading “Favorite Ship Dynamics”