TOP TEN TUESDAY: Bookish Things That Scare Me

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is a Halloween freebie. I settled on bookish things that scare me for this week's theme. Readers be warned. Unsatisfying endings Don't you hate when you're reading a book that you're CERTAIN will be a five-star read only to be betrayed at the end? My rating for The Intimacy Experiment fell… Continue reading TOP TEN TUESDAY: Bookish Things That Scare Me

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Halloween Movie Book Tag: Scream Inside Your Heart because Halloween is Over edition

October went by so fast. Here we are, almost three weeks into November, and I still miss all the black cats and evil pumpkins. Here is a Halloween movie tag in honor of the horror movies clogging up my Netflix queue. I pulled this tag from its creator Robin @ Paperbacks and Planners. Let's see… Continue reading Halloween Movie Book Tag: Scream Inside Your Heart because Halloween is Over edition


October TBR: Stretch Goal City

It's spooky season now. This year, I'm leaning in EXTRA hard to the pumpkins, black cats, and skeletons. (The election is incoming. Let me have this joy.) I crafted this overly ambitious October TBR that I almost certainly won't finish, BUT...what if I did? Wouldn't that be sooo spoooky? Seriously, there are dozens of books… Continue reading October TBR: Stretch Goal City


Spooky Book Tag

I know Halloween is over, but I haven't accepted it. I'm searching for black lace dresses to wear to keep that Halloween spirit alive. My inner Wednesday Addams is appeased. TO CONTINUE THE HALLOWEEN CELEBRATION, I did the Spooky Book Tag I found at Zezee with Books. Zezee produces such quality content - her blog… Continue reading Spooky Book Tag

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October Feelings + NaNo Announcement

OCTOBER HAS PASSED. I didn't watch as many horror movies as I wanted to because LIFE GOT BUSY. (I did watch the first Hellraiser, which was...not good?) My team recently switched offices, I move into my new apartment tomorrow, and - despite conversing with four different Xfinity agents - I still don't have internet! I can… Continue reading October Feelings + NaNo Announcement


Halloween Book Tag 2019

I did a Halloween Book Tag last year. THIS year, in honor of the holiday, I'm doing this brand new one that I found on Lori's Bookshelf Reads. Happy Halloween! #1 FAVORITE SCARY MUST-READ FOR HALLOWEEN? Why do I even try to pick diverse books? I read the same book every October and you KNOW… Continue reading Halloween Book Tag 2019

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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Who Would Win in a Fight (Halloween edition)

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is a Halloween freebie. So... ...I decided to make my favorite spOoOoOoOoky fictional characters fight in a tournament. (SPOILERS for The Lunar Chronicles, The Girl With All the Gifts, The Witch (2015), and The Scorpio Races.) Contestants Witch Mila (Undead Girl Gang) Tough. Punk. Magically-inclined.   Vampire Carmilla (Carmilla) Seductive.… Continue reading TOP TEN TUESDAY: Who Would Win in a Fight (Halloween edition)


Autumn Chills Book Tag

Dear Leelynn, Snagging a seasonal tag from you yet again because you have GREAT TASTE. Happy spooky season one and all. Creator rules (per Chiara the Bookworm) 1. Remember to tag me back 2. Tag a load of people at the end 3. Have fun doing it   No promises on #2, Chiara. Marie Antoinette,… Continue reading Autumn Chills Book Tag


The Spoopy Memes Book Tag

Hello, I am a millennial and I love memes. Fellow Scorpio Halei @ Degenerate Reads tagged anyone who likes memes. Thanks to my team at work, I have become semi-fluent in memeology. Even so, this tag experience. The Rules: Link back to Emily’s post Use the banner if you want, and copy the memes Time to… Continue reading The Spoopy Memes Book Tag

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The Halloween Song Book Tag

I didn't realize there were Halloween songs. At least, aside from the obvious. Diana @ Fortunately, the book did this fun tag and even used Halloween-colored font. I have to do all these spooky tags while I can. Thriller: A book that was an absolute page-turner Temper made me gasp dramatically. THE TENSION. I don't NEED… Continue reading The Halloween Song Book Tag