The Spoopy Memes Book Tag

Hello, I am a millennial and I love memes.

Fellow Scorpio Halei @ Degenerate Reads tagged anyone who likes memes.

Thanks to my team at work, I have become semi-fluent in memeology.

Even so, this tag was…an experience.


The Rules:
  • Link back to Emily’s post
  • Use the banner if you want, and copy the memes


Meme 1.jpg

Time to get spooky! What books will you be reading to celebrate this time of year?

Well, well, well.



I just started The Merciful Crow and I really like it so far. It opens with the transport of plague corpses, which is pretty spooky.

Sawkill Girls is on my list. I hear spooky things.

My The Scorpio Races reread is pending. Two words: murder horses.

Oh, and Claire lent me The Art of Racing in the Rain, which is all about death! Perfect!


Meme 2.jpgDo you put up decorations for Halloween? If so, describe them! Even better, show them!

I don’t put up decorations. Too much effort.

HAVE I MENTIONED I’M MOVING?? I can’t just build a Halloweentown in the middle of my disheveled apartment!


Meme 3.jpg

What is the scariest book you’ve ever read? What made it so scary?

House of Leaves made me very uneasy.

This stupid book is the reason I’m afraid of the dark.

House of Leaves.jpg

House of Leaves will prove EXTRA scary for sex-repulsed readers, thanks to Johnny Truant’s GRAPHIC EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES.


Halloween bonus: as much as I hate to admit it, The Hangman’s Curse by Frank Peretti TERRIFIED me.

Veritas 1

Malevolent ghosts and unexplained illness? SCARY STUFF.

Also, without spoiling anything, this book taps into one of my biggest fears.

I can’t tell you what it is, but it’s UNPLEASANT.


Meme 4.jpg

What’s the last book you read that truly shocked you, made your jaw drop, or made you chuck the book across the room?

To be quite honest: the heist in Crooked Kingdom is kind of hard to follow.

Crooked Kingdom

There were still some very good final twists.


Meme 5

What’s a book that’s fallen out of the spotlight that you still really like and try get people to read?

I didn’t get the hype surrounding The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage.

l belle sauvage

Now that I’ve reread most of the series, I can see why people were so excited.

La Belle Sauvage explores Lyra’s babyhood and the recently-released follow-up takes place ten years after The Amber Spyglass!

Get on these Dust books, fam!


Meme 6.jpg

Are you dressing up this year? If so, what as? If not, what would be your costume if you were?

I am dressing up, but my costume is classified.


Meme 7.gif

What is your opinion on the word ‘spoopy’, and memes that follow its theme?

I think it’s completely ridiculous…which is why I love it.


Less than a week till Halloween!

I won a werewolf action figure, watched Ginger Snaps, and landed free tickets to a Halloween extravaganza all in one night, so I’m DOING PRETTY GOOD.

I hope you’re having an equally excellent spooky season!

Would you like to do this meme tag? You may. I give you permish.

6 thoughts on “The Spoopy Memes Book Tag”

    1. Haha it’s just a goofy version of “spooky.” My brother says it when he’s not really scared. Like, we were in a zombie haunted house and he kept walking through very calmly and going, “Oh no, a spoop!”

      Liked by 1 person

  1. “Even so, this tag was…an experience.”

    Yes, that was the goal, ahahaha. I’m glad you did the tag! I definitely agree with House of Leaves… and your complaints about House of Leaves, too, hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a fun one! I didn’t realize how badly I needed spoopy memes in my life.
      I like House of Leaves so much and I also want it to be better than it is. THE TENSION!!


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