TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: Overly inspirational

I've got some beef with Christian fiction. I love C. S. Lewis and realize the great impact his Narnia novels had on Christian literature. The problem with Lewis' work is that it inspired other Christians to write painfully obvious allegories that barely cover up the gospel message. Instead of telling stories, they get preachy. I'm not… Continue reading TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: Overly inspirational

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MAKE-YOU-CRY MONDAY: “I’ll Cover You (Reprise)” from Rent

So far, I've never attended a funeral. Christian funerals have a different focus than others. Even the word "funeral" is avoided; many Christians prefer "celebration of life." Because we believe the deceased person is better off in heaven and we will see them again, there's an emphasis on joy rather than sadness. I don't disagree… Continue reading MAKE-YOU-CRY MONDAY: “I’ll Cover You (Reprise)” from Rent

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BOOK REVIEW: Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot

The premise: It's been 6 years since the last Princess Diaries was published. Forever Princess ended the series on a good note, wrapping up every plot thread and relationship while hinting at future possibilities. Royal Wedding picks up 8 years after Forever Princess. Mia is living in the Genovian consulate, plagued by paparazzi. Her father is (once again) losing the race for Genovian… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot



I was the type of teenager who read nothing but corny chick lit and snickered all the while. Feel free to call me a hypocrite. Today's Terrible Prose Tuesday features another letter from a YA book called "Love Undercover" by Jo Edwards. The book is about--I kid you not--a girl named Kaitlyn who falls in… Continue reading TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: 50 Shades of Red



A Chorus Line is my mom's favorite musical. Though it's not my favorite musical, I have a soft spot for it because of her and because of its story. If you've never seen A Chorus Line, go see it live or get your hands on a recorded performance. Don't waste your time on the 1985 movie. "Let Me… Continue reading MAKE-YOU-CRY MONDAY: A Chorus Line

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BBC: The Musketeers

Yes. YES. I found the greatest TV show of all time. It has everything: Brooding dark-haired men Facial hair Swashbuckling uniforms Screaming People with British accents even though the show is set in France Regret Peter Capaldi This guy Do rags Duels Slow-motion walking An excellent score " The Musketeers" is all I've ever wanted in television. I'm only one… Continue reading BBC: The Musketeers

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Why I love and hate “The 100”: THE ROMANCE

WARNING: Major spoilers for Season 1 of "The 100" ahead I know people who dislike romance, especially when it distracts from more important plot elements. In my view, there's no such thing as too much romance. Okay, that's not true. I get how frustrating it can be when a subpar romance takes over a great story.… Continue reading Why I love and hate “The 100”: THE ROMANCE


TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: Well played, Meg. Well played.

Today's passage doesn't qualify as terrible prose. Mostly. It's from a book I really enjoying. It's kind of corny--there's a love triangle and this guy has a bodyguard crush on this Russian princess--but the premise is intriguing and I love it. Then, out of nowhere, comes this letter. I'm a fan of epistolary novels; I can… Continue reading TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: Well played, Meg. Well played.



Let's talk about book characters, shall we. I'm going to straight up spoil all of Maggie Stiefvater's Raven Cycle, so ye be warned. Ronan Lynch is hands down my favorite Raven boy. Here are some of the things Ronan has to worry about: His father was murdered and Ronan was the one to find the… Continue reading MAKE-YOU-CRY MONDAY: Ronan Lynch

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Post-Graduation: What now?

Dear graduate, Congratulations! Now that you're done learning, acquiring life skills, and becoming a well-rounded person, you're well on your way to doing something worthwhile. The next chapter of your life will be a confusing, amorphous mess. Take some advice from someone who is only marginally more knowledgeable and is in the same boat. These… Continue reading Post-Graduation: What now?