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The Lover Book Tag: Round 3

I'M BACK with a THIRD Lover-inspired book tag (and fourth general Lover-related post.) Will there ever be an end to these? PROBABLY NOT. I really enjoy this album! Sarah the Bibliophagist made this tag and Lori @ Lori's Bookshelf Reads did it on her own blog. Get ready to press play! And...begin. I FORGOT THAT YOU EXISTED:… Continue reading The Lover Book Tag: Round 3


The Cheesy Goodness Book Tag

Sad story: I found a lump of leftover mozzarella in my fridge. That's not the sad part. I could have SWORN I'd used all the mozzarella earlier in the week. Elated, I set about making a cheese sandwich. I reached for the bag of mozzarella. My fingers closed around a hard-edged lump. It was an… Continue reading The Cheesy Goodness Book Tag


Harry Potter Book Tag

I've been avoiding the Harry Potter series for almost four years. A number of things happened in my own life and in J. K. Rowling's career that turned me off certain characters and plotlines. It's been so long that I'm afraid to go back. (I'd order a cease-and-desist on the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them films if… Continue reading Harry Potter Book Tag


10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #10: Which genres do you not like to read?

I REACHED THE FINAL DAY. I won a badge! LOOK: I still have to write today's post. Let me just tear my eyes away from my victory. I just wrote about some of my least favorite genres, but today I have the chance to go into more detail. Generally, I do not read: Historical Nonfiction… Continue reading 10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #10: Which genres do you not like to read?


Books as Desserts: A Bakery Case of Genres

I have to credit Claire for this idea: she called Georgette Heyer romances "little fluffy pastries" and I, of course, took it a step too far. I have strong opinions about books and dessert. Like dessert, different genres of books inspire my praise or rouse my ire. I scream the same epithets when someone brings… Continue reading Books as Desserts: A Bakery Case of Genres


TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: Overly inspirational

I've got some beef with Christian fiction. I love C. S. Lewis and realize the great impact his Narnia novels had on Christian literature. The problem with Lewis' work is that it inspired other Christians to write painfully obvious allegories that barely cover up the gospel message. Instead of telling stories, they get preachy. I'm not… Continue reading TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: Overly inspirational