Sunshine Blogger Award 🥇

Many thanks to Jenna, who tagged me in this EONS ago. First off, enjoy my award!! Lookit! Look at it! Here are the OFFICIAL RULES: The Rules Thank the blogger who nominated you. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award 🥇


Top 5 Summer Time Reads

Shana at Bionic Book Worm decided on Summer Time reads today. Cool. Will this list look suspiciously similar to my last list? Who can say? (Yes. Yes, it will.)   Everything Leads to You Read during: the summer solstice School's out, your brother's gone, and you and your best friend have a rad summer job.… Continue reading Top 5 Summer Time Reads


Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Books released in the last ten years

I suspect this will be a challenge. Many of the bloggers I follow posted their lists this morning (as inspired by That Artsy Reader Girl.) I can't figure out what "the last 10 years" covers. This year? Is 2009 included? I'm going to start in 2010 and do my best to pick an early favorite… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Books released in the last ten years


I Dare You Tag 🏷

Whenever I'm in the middle of a difficult draft, I put it off with as many book tags as I can find. So, you've been seeing a lot of books tags from me, eh? Welllll.... Let's not talk about that. I found this on Charlotte's blog - from the sounds of it, she was ALSO… Continue reading I Dare You Tag 🏷


My Name in TBR Books tag

Sahi tagged me in this fun tag yesterday. My challenge: spell my first name in books from my TBR. Behold the results. L - Lovely War Greek gods. Aphrodite. Trojan war vibes? I've flip-flopped several times on wanting to read this, as I normally avoid historical fiction. GREEK GODS, THOUGH. A - After I Do… Continue reading My Name in TBR Books tag


Spyro Book Tag

Yes, I'm back. I haven't exactly figured out how to work daily on my WIP. I'm stuck in that first-draft paralysis of, "Are these characters problematic? Is my representation on point? Should I give up and start over?" It's not a fun place to be, but I think it will pass. I'm trying not to… Continue reading Spyro Book Tag


Productivity Book Tag

I thought I was the only person who measured my worth in productivity. Apparently that behavior is much more common than I thought! Sam created this book tag and I love it SO much. (Go admire her new graphics.) Talking about books is productive. Right? Right. Shush.   Planning | A book that is completely… Continue reading Productivity Book Tag

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US Abortion Bans

Alabama passed a law on Monday that effectively bans abortion as early as 6 weeks into a pregnancy. Yesterday, the governor of Alabama signed the bill into law. This morning, I saw the news: Missouri passed a similar bill right after the governor's decision. In both states, no exceptions exist for rape or incest. 28… Continue reading US Abortion Bans

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Focus on the Family Revelation

According to an official spokesperson for Focus on the Family, Adventures in Odyssey's John Avery Whitaker doesn't support our Tweeter-in-Chief.* (*Credit goes to Andrew Shaffer for that excellent description.) I would love to believe this is a step toward allyship, because...what? WHAT? They came right out and said it? For now, I'm tamping down the… Continue reading Focus on the Family Revelation


Extended hiatus + April awards

My schedule the past few weeks has been nothing short of crazy. The minute I devote myself to a new creative project, things get busy. Oh, and I've spent the last few months contemplating quitting improv. DAMN YOU, IMPROV. The story I'm writing is going really well! Like, REALLY well. I don't get to write… Continue reading Extended hiatus + April awards