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A COVID-19 Sleep Saga

Me: *turns off bedside lamp and snuggles under covers*Brain: Oh! You're heading to bed?Me: That was the idea.Brain: It's only 10:45!Me: Your point being?Brain: I was hoping we could go over what happened today.Me: No. Good night.Brain: Suit yourself.*silence*Me: ....what happened today?Brain: You don't remember? No one laughed at your jokes!Me: ...Brain: Wasn't that awful?Me:… Continue reading A COVID-19 Sleep Saga

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foklore book tag

I found another folklore book tag, this one created by Star is All Booked Up. I tried to diversify my answers - not sure I succeeded! the 1 a book you grew out of The Matched series by Ally Condie was, for me, Baby's First Dystopian Sci-Fi. I loved the world, the premise, everything about… Continue reading foklore book tag

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Writing from the Closet

My very first therapist once asked about my sexuality. I told her I was queerer than most people but still considered myself more-or-less straight. Yes, I thought women were pretty in a strictly heterosexual way. Romantically and sexually, though, I only liked dudes. At the time, I meant it. * At fourteen, I jammed myself… Continue reading Writing from the Closet

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August Wrap-Up: The dog days are NOT over

WHY HELLO. DID ANYONE ELSE HAVE AN INCREDIBLY BAD TIME DURING THE MONTH OF AUGUST? I think, in truth, August was probably a "normal" quarantine month. "Normal" during a global pandemic, though, is still PRETTY BAD. In August, I was rejected for my dream internship and hit a wall after two months on OkCupid. MY… Continue reading August Wrap-Up: The dog days are NOT over

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folklore book tag: round one

More music book tags! More music book tags! Ilsa created this wonderful folklore-inspired book tag that I loved ALMOST as much as I loved Taylor's new album. It's the best. Let's get to it. RULES Link to the original creator: Ilsa @ A Whisper Of InkTag at least 3 people.Declare the rules and list of prompts… Continue reading folklore book tag: round one