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A COVID-19 Sleep Saga

Me: *turns off bedside lamp and snuggles under covers*Brain: Oh! You're heading to bed?Me: That was the idea.Brain: It's only 10:45!Me: Your point being?Brain: I was hoping we could go over what happened today.Me: No. Good night.Brain: Suit yourself.*silence*Me: ....what happened today?Brain: You don't remember? No one laughed at your jokes!Me: ...Brain: Wasn't that awful?Me:… Continue reading A COVID-19 Sleep Saga

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May Wrap-Up: Things got worse

I stared at my monitor for a full minute trying to remember what I meant to write. Oh right! It's wrap-up day! May was a pretty regular quarantine month until it all went to shit. Near the end of last month, cops in Minneapolis, MN killed a Black man named George Floyd. Specifically, police officer… Continue reading May Wrap-Up: Things got worse