Top Ten DNFs of 2020

Another band wagon for me! I DNFed a fair number of books this year. These are the ones I remember best. Space Opera by Catherynne M. Valente I thought this book was trying too hard to be The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It also made way more gender jokes than I felt comfortable with.… Continue reading Top Ten DNFs of 2020

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September Wrap-up: I think I’m cured of brain worms

It's the final day of voting for Fat Bear Week and high time I shared my reading stats for last month. September was decent (better than August, anyway.) I got to see both of my brothers and some other family members. I spent an entire weekend with a pack of dogs and spent a ton… Continue reading September Wrap-up: I think I’m cured of brain worms

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May Wrap-Up: Things got worse

I stared at my monitor for a full minute trying to remember what I meant to write. Oh right! It's wrap-up day! May was a pretty regular quarantine month until it all went to shit. Near the end of last month, cops in Minneapolis, MN killed a Black man named George Floyd. Specifically, police officer… Continue reading May Wrap-Up: Things got worse


TOP TEN TUESDAY: Last 10 Books I Abandoned

This is my first Top Ten Tuesday in several months! I'm going for a broad interpretation of "abandoned" today. The following are books I DNFed, set aside, gave away, or purged from my collection. Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh I have been pretty good this year about not DNFing books. I've also… Continue reading TOP TEN TUESDAY: Last 10 Books I Abandoned

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February Wrap-Up

I kind of feel like this was a quick month, even though the weeks felt super long. (My coworkers and I kept saying, “’s only Tuesday??”) I care almost not at all for the month of March. Comic-Con is happening, though; my friend Claire and I will be going for the first time. By contrast,… Continue reading February Wrap-Up


January Wrap-Up

My month-long birthday celebration officially ends today. DARN YOU, FEBRUARY. Then again, I do love seeing the pink-and-red decorations at the cupcake shop. The Harley Quinn movie comes out next week, the Oscars on the 9th, and in two weeks I have Valentine's plans with some of my favorite bois! Before I get to all… Continue reading January Wrap-Up


The Bedtime Book Tag

The week just started and I'm already ready for the weekend. Mainly because I agreed to do a number of things that WILL be fun...but how am I going to read/watch Star Wars? Emer did this book tag created by Kellys BookSpill and I just gotta gush about the books I've read recently. It's necessary. WHAT BOOK… Continue reading The Bedtime Book Tag


Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my TBR I’m avoiding

Top Ten Tuesday has returned. It happens every week! How come I am NEVER ready?? My TBR is 18 miles long and I'm avoiding a number of books on it, including (but not limited to) the following. And I Darken by Kiersten White I bought this BEFORE reading The Chaos of Stars and I'm super hesitant… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my TBR I’m avoiding


Reasons to DNF

I DNF (book blogger for "did not finish") books all the time. Last month, I DNFed 9 books. Just this week, I DNFed 2. I'm able to do this thanks to a high school English teacher who said, "Life is too short to read books you don't like." She was right. Why might I DNF… Continue reading Reasons to DNF

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thank u, next Book Tag

Jenna. Does. The. Best. Tags. I hadn't seen the thank u, next tag before Jenna did it. I love a good music/book/pop culture mash-up. Approve. A quick warning: these prompts turned into mini-essays that trended serious. But hey: the song is about break-ups and exes who've died. Some solemnity isn't unprecedented. Ahem. Thank you, next.… Continue reading thank u, next Book Tag