Dessertathon: The Results

Remember that dessert-themed readathon I joined at the last minute? I joined the Cozy Cookies team and it was a whole thing? Well. I finished exactly one of the books on my Dessertathon TBR. June was a rough month politically and emotionally. I did pick up more than one of the books on my list.… Continue reading Dessertathon: The Results


Dessertathon: Sugar acquired

After a busy couple of weeks, I finished one of the books on my Dessertathon TBR! One down, six to go! For the Sugar prompt (feel-good book), I reread Casey McQuiston's One Last Stop for the umpteenth time. I love this book so much. Casey McQuiston's prose always gets me. I love the historical tidbits… Continue reading Dessertathon: Sugar acquired


Dessertathon TBR

Welp. I've done it. I joined a readathon. The Dessertathon Readathon takes place over the month of June. There are six teams broken up by genre: the Red Velvet Royals (myths and retellings), the Spicy Shortcakes (sexy books), the Cozy Cookies (romance/contemporary/cozy mysteries), the Pastry Pirates (adventure books), the Dessert Djinns (dark fantasy/horror), and the… Continue reading Dessertathon TBR


The Bookish Baking Tag

In the past few days, I've scarfed down two mini cheesecakes and a pint of cheesecake ice cream. Winter is coming and I must prepare. Speaking of delicious baked goods, I found this baking-themed tag on Ace Reader, a gem of a blog if there ever was one. It was created by the unmatched Kay… Continue reading The Bookish Baking Tag


Books and Bakes Book Tag

WELCOME BACK TO THE OPTIMISM BLOG. I HAVE RETURNED TO WORK. Also, I was able to pick up salted malted cookie dough ice cream from Salt & Straw and it is THE BEST. I now have the energy to talk about baked goods and books. I found this tag (created by Life is a Page… Continue reading Books and Bakes Book Tag


Christmas Cookie Book Tag

I HAVEN'T ABANDONED YOU, HALLOWEEN. I JUST LOVE COOKIES, OKAY? Cookies are my favorite part of Christmas. Well...presents are. Then cookies. time. THEN cookies. Well... ANYWAY, THIS IS THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE BOOK TAG. THE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE The cookie that’s comforting in any season Name an old favorite I LOOOVE dogs. My whole life,… Continue reading Christmas Cookie Book Tag


Ice Cream Book Tag

I FOUND A TAG ABOUT ICE CREAM. I ate THE BEST plant-based rhubarb yogurt the other day. (Thanks for letting me switch with you, Nikita.) I have a coconut-chocolate Haagen Dasz layer concoction in my freezer. I'm getting hungry.   Vanilla A book you wish had more flavor I don't understand...this book won AWARDS. The… Continue reading Ice Cream Book Tag



Oh, Bookstagram. You are way too pretty. I will never achieve the standards you've set. Cait made a beautiful blog post that she attributes to the Cake-Flavored Books hashtag on Instagram. I hate photos, but I love cake, so here I am to participate! I will be using Cait's extra cake-related questions because I loved… Continue reading #CakeFlavoredBooks


Top Pot Doughnuts Book Tag

You may have noticed my recent spate of book tags. It's all part of Comfort Month: instead of kicking myself for not working on more serious drafts, I'm talking about books. I've read and absorbed and copied a jillion tags this month and I keep looking for more. But the one I really wanted didn't… Continue reading Top Pot Doughnuts Book Tag

Real Life

Comfort Month

I had some goal for October but, coming up to it, I've decided on a better plan: just...relax. I want a break from the intense goals I keep setting for myself. I want a month without a focus. I want time to relax before my Next Big Project (which will necessitate a month-long hiatus.) I'm… Continue reading Comfort Month