End of the Year Survey

I was going to finish 2018 with my retrospective, but um... ...well, Kristin did a great end-of-the-year tag on Kristin Kraves Books. I'm having a hard time remembering all the books I read this year, but I'll root around in my memory for appropriate answers.   Best Book You Read in 2018? Wow, the fact… Continue reading End of the Year Survey

Real Life

Lauren’s 2018 Retrospective

Won't lie, didn't love 2018. Maybe the year wasn't a total lost cause, because of new friends and growth experiences and improved health, but I sure hated living through it. Different things influenced my year in big ways and I want to sum them up:   I quit my job I finally got out of… Continue reading Lauren’s 2018 Retrospective


Giving Thanks Book Tag: Goodbye 2018 Edition

Technically, this is a Thanksgiving tag. I don't do Thanksgiving. I celebrate with my family, but I don't care much about gourds or the color brown. However, the new year starts next Tuesday. High time to turn introspective! I'm using this tag to look back on my reading year...and possibly as an excuse to rant… Continue reading Giving Thanks Book Tag: Goodbye 2018 Edition


Holiday Drinks Book Tag

I've been drinking too much hot chocolate recently, to the point that I shake for hours after my last cup. Meaghan did this tag on her blog Meghan's Whimsical Explorations & Reviews. The drinks sounded so delicious, I made another hot chocolate and started my own draft.   HOT CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOWS AND CHOCOLATE AND WHIPPED… Continue reading Holiday Drinks Book Tag


Merry Christmas Book Tag

Well...merry official Christmas. This is the last of the Christmas tags. I found this It Starts at Midnight with custom graphics provided by the creator. God bless us every one. Did y'all know this was a book? I wouldn't have put "Christmas" and "Tolkien" in the same sentence. I'm a little salty about Tolkien's unofficial sainthood,… Continue reading Merry Christmas Book Tag


The Great December Readathon

I mentioned acquiring some serious, award-winning books that I couldn't wait to read. I also mentioned some long-unread books on my TBR and some current rereads. Well. I visited my hometown library. Both the Seattle Central Library and the branch I frequent have a decent YA section stocked with new releases. Walking into the Teen… Continue reading The Great December Readathon


Disney Princess Hair Tag

Mandy and Kyera co-created a tag combining two of my favorite things: Disney princess hair and books. Then Jenna wrote a delightful, gif-laden post with this tag that inspired me to follow her example. Hats off, all, to your creativity. My answers may not line up exactly with official Disney Princess canon, but who CARES.… Continue reading Disney Princess Hair Tag


Jingle Bell Book Tag

My favorite writing soundtrack is my dog's snoring. (I still call her "my dog" even though she lives with my parents.) I have a couple free hours before we leave for Family Christmas (it's a big deal. My dad is making cream cheese crackers.) I have a few more days to complete as many Christmas… Continue reading Jingle Bell Book Tag


The Christmas Stocking Book Tag

I had to make use of the eggs and butter in my fridge, so tonight I'm baking for the first time all season. And, to honor the holy rite of seasonal baking, I'm doing the Christmas stocking tag. (I stole this idea from Mel's 12 Days of Blogmas. Read her post and check out her queer… Continue reading The Christmas Stocking Book Tag


Christmas Cuisine Book Tag

I found an older post on Beth's blog chock-full of foods I've never heard of. The idea of a Christmas feast scares me (carrot casserole!?), but I couldn't resist the tag. Happy Christmas, Harry. Yule Log: A beautiful edition of a book that you won’t touch for fear of ruining it. I've almost purchased the… Continue reading Christmas Cuisine Book Tag