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Disney Princess Hair Tag

Mandy and Kyera co-created a tag combining two of my favorite things: Disney princess hair and books.

Then Jenna wrote a delightful, gif-laden post with this tag that inspired me to follow her example.

Hats off, all, to your creativity.

My answers may not line up exactly with official Disney Princess canon, but who CARES. Continue reading “Disney Princess Hair Tag”

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Jingle Bell Book Tag

My favorite writing soundtrack is my dog’s snoring.

(I still call her “my dog” even though she lives with my parents.)

I have a couple free hours before we leave for Family Christmas (it’s a big deal. My dad is making cream cheese crackers.) I have a few more days to complete as many Christmas tags as I can find.

Dee did this Christmas-themed tag about a week ago and I loved it, so I’m on board. Continue reading “Jingle Bell Book Tag”