Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite (and least favorite) character types

Give me all your clichés and archetypes. Let me swallow them whole. Today's Top Ten Tuesday was a freebie, which means the bloggers I follow came up with trillions of creative ideas. There's a "favorite tropes" TTT coming up, so today I wanted to focus on characters. Specifically, character types. I know I'll love certain… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite (and least favorite) character types


Top 5 Wednesday: Love Interests I Would Have Broken Up With

YES. I've been looking forward to this Top 5 Wednesday topic all month. I came up with a list of  awful love interests while at work and found it made me ANGRY. Sure, people are complex, but there are LIMITS to bad behavior. Okay. Without further ado... (By some strange coincidence, the bulk of this… Continue reading Top 5 Wednesday: Love Interests I Would Have Broken Up With

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Top 5 Least Favorite Sailor Moon Characters

I've loved Sailor Moon since I was 6 years old. As a fan, I have opinions. Though I love many of the show's characters, a few of them prompt a massive eyeroll from me. Hateful as it sounds, these are the 5 Sailor Moon characters I hate the most. (Spoilers ahead.)   5. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune (For… Continue reading Top 5 Least Favorite Sailor Moon Characters


The Grinch Book Tag

I haven't escaped the Christmas tags. Ha. I'm kidding. Why would I WANT to escape them? I thought doing the Grinch book tag would make a great start to 2019. Happy new year! Remember that it's winter! Always winter, never Christmas. THINK OF THAT.   HALF OF THE LIGHTS ON THE CHRISTMAS TREE ARE BURNT… Continue reading The Grinch Book Tag


Giving Thanks Book Tag: Goodbye 2018 Edition

Technically, this is a Thanksgiving tag. I don't do Thanksgiving. I celebrate with my family, but I don't care much about gourds or the color brown. However, the new year starts next Tuesday. High time to turn introspective! I'm using this tag to look back on my reading year...and possibly as an excuse to rant… Continue reading Giving Thanks Book Tag: Goodbye 2018 Edition


The Literary Dinner Party Tag

Someone explain to me white culture's obsession with dinner parties. Books on adulting treat them as both a rite of passage and the only viable method of adult socializing. "You CAN throw a dinner party," the books chide, "it's not that HARD." The message I get: people who have their lives in order throw dinner… Continue reading The Literary Dinner Party Tag


Halloween Creatures 2.0 Book Tag

To Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward: I'm stoked you made another Halloween Creatures post! Once again, I pair Halloween creatures with books.   Witch A magical character or book I READ SO MUCH FANTASY. THIS SHOULDN'T BE HARD. If I remember correctly, Rowan's mom was a legit witch. That MUST count.   Werewolf The perfect… Continue reading Halloween Creatures 2.0 Book Tag


Hamilton Book Tag

My mom and I saw Leslie Odom, Jr. perform at Benaroya Hall last week. Clad in blue plaid, Odom crooned Nat King Cole standards and Broadway favorites, accompanied by the Seattle Symphony, a non-jazz trombonist, and a stellar combo. My mom worried he wouldn't live up to the expectations I'd set for her. She had… Continue reading Hamilton Book Tag


You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag

I had a hard time coming up with characters for this book tag. I need to read more YA. With "adult" novels, I don't tend to care about (or remember) the characters. "The THEMES are the really important thing-" No. False. Write better characters. ANYWAY. I found this tag and loved it. The gist of… Continue reading You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag

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Remus Lupin: A dramatic reimagining

INT. 12 GRIMMAUD PLACE - NIGHT REMUS LUPIN bursts in on HARRY POTTER, HERMIONE GRANGER, and RON WEASLEY in the flat's shabby living room. REMUS Hey, guys! I'm here to join your team! RON What team? HERMIONE He means the HORCRUXES, Ronald. HARRY Where's Tonks? Remus rolls his eyes. REMUS I don't know. Probably at… Continue reading Remus Lupin: A dramatic reimagining