Ouran Host Club Book Tag

Hello, friends! I started [online] school this week and it's going well so far! The readings are both very boring and really fascinating. My brain is (still) soup, so more book tags! Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger did this Ouran Host Club-inspired tag. I LOVE this show. Is the dub back on Netflix? IT… Continue reading Ouran Host Club Book Tag

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Ghibli Heroines Tag

I pretended to like Ghibli movies for years and years to make friends and influence people. I feel secure enough now to admit that the only Ghibli movie I really like is Howl's Moving Castle. And yet I'm STILL doing this tag that I found on the incomparable Zezee With Books. There are rules, of course.… Continue reading Ghibli Heroines Tag


How to Ship the Sailor Senshi

In 2012, I came across a drawing of the Sailor Senshi with their season 1 nemeses the Shittenou. I didn't think much of it. I considered it author art. If I were a mangaka, I would draw speculative crack ships ALL the TIME. Then, through rumor and conjecture, I learned this drawing referenced a scrapped… Continue reading How to Ship the Sailor Senshi

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A Sailor Moon Story

In December 2016, having JUST moved to Seattle, I decided to do all my Christmas shopping at Kinokuniya Book Store. Conveniently located AND full of fun knickknacks? Call me a Christmas GENIUS. In truth, this plan excused endless browsing of items I couldn't afford, such as stuffed sharks, long socks, and English-translated manga. One day,… Continue reading A Sailor Moon Story


Revisiting Sailor Moon: Season 1, Part 1

I rewatched Viz Media's 2015 dub of the original Sailor Moon anime. These were my thoughts.   Season 1, Part 1 Summary: Luna: USAGI. Pull yourself together and save the world! Rei: USAGI!!! WHY ARE YOU SO INCOMPETENT? YOU'RE A COMPLETE TRAINWRECK. Tuxedo Mask: You can do it! Believe in yourself! Usagi: You're right, Tuxedo Mask!… Continue reading Revisiting Sailor Moon: Season 1, Part 1

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Top 6 Favorite Sailor Moon Characters

So listen. My initial list of favorites took a problematic turn. In a show all about girl power, my favorite characters were mostly men. That's as bad as only liking Adam from Girls. So I balanced my list out, hence 6 characters instead of 5. I'm trying to make up for being a Bad Feminist.  … Continue reading Top 6 Favorite Sailor Moon Characters


Sailor Moon Fashion Corner

This is a Sailor Moon blog now. You came here for book tags or faith confessions? Sorry. All Sailor Moon, all the time. At least until I run out of Sailor Moon-inspired ideas. Despite taking place in the '90s, Sailor Moon boasts some excellent fashion choices. I compiled a list of my ten favorite fashion hits, along with some unfortunate missteps...… Continue reading Sailor Moon Fashion Corner

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Top 5 Least Favorite Sailor Moon Characters

I've loved Sailor Moon since I was 6 years old. As a fan, I have opinions. Though I love many of the show's characters, a few of them prompt a massive eyeroll from me. Hateful as it sounds, these are the 5 Sailor Moon characters I hate the most. (Spoilers ahead.)   5. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune (For… Continue reading Top 5 Least Favorite Sailor Moon Characters


Top 10 Favorite Ships

Inspired by Sailor Moon, I set about making a list of my favorite ships and realized some surprising things: I'm not a big book shipper. Very few of my favorite couples come from novels. I don't ship as often as I used to, especially when it comes to love triangles. I can't make myself care… Continue reading Top 10 Favorite Ships


Sailor Moon Book Tags

I can play it cool no longer. After reading the Eternal Edition of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, that series is all I want to talk about. You can predict whether I'll like a piece of entertainment based on its similarity to Sailor Moon. All my romantic preferences came from this series. Well, this and Fruits Basket. Naoko Takeuchi… Continue reading Sailor Moon Book Tags