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A Sailor Moon Story

In December 2016, having JUST moved to Seattle, I decided to do all my Christmas shopping at Kinokuniya Book Store.

Conveniently located AND full of fun knickknacks? Call me a Christmas GENIUS.

In truth, this plan excused endless browsing of items I couldn’t afford, such as stuffed sharks, long socks, and English-translated manga.

One day, I spotted a display above the needlessly-expensive graphic novels.

Though the boxes were in Japanese, I recognized the adorable chibi faces of Sailor Moon and the Outer Senshi.

Images on the box showed the Sailor Senshi sitting precariously on the edge of a wineglass.

Impractical drink markers? I drank, and so did my friends!

Surely once I started throwing Successful Adult Dinner Parties, I’d need a full set!

My plan to buy all six drink markers encountered a few obstacles:

  1. Each drink marker sold for $8 and I was on a tight budget.
  2. All the boxes were blind; I wouldn’t know which character I’d purchased until I brought it home.
  3. I was supposed to be looking at calendars for my grandfather.

Despite all this, I grabbed a box.

Buying one couldn’t hurt.

After paying, I carted the box home, waiting until my boots hit the hardwood floor before opening my prize.

Oh. Sailor Neptune.


I liked Neptune.

She looked so lonely, though, without Uranus by her side.

What kind of monster would leave Neptune alone?

I needed another box.

I held out until my next pay day. This time, I opened the box in the store right after paying.

NO…this wasn’t happening…

…not RINI!


How I hated Rini, with her STUPID outfit and her STUPID pose and her STUPID pink hair.

I considered tossing Rini in the trash.

“Are you KIDDING?” my rational brain screamed, “You’d throw out $8!?”

“What should I do?” I asked my brain.

I bought another box.


HaHA! Pluto! I loved Pluto!

Not as cute as Saturn, but a fine purchase.

Still…I really wanted a Sailor Moon.

No, three was enough. I couldn’t afford any more.

I held out for a few weeks, telling myself every time I passed the display, “Not today.”

One day, I passed the display’s usual spot only to find it gone.

My heart froze.

I wound my way to the back of the store and found a few dented boxes jammed between brand-new Dragon Ball Z key chains.

The price of the boxes had been raised to $10.

$10!?!?! With Christmas so soon and my hours cut at work, I was barely breaking even.

What kind of idiot would spend $10 on a DRINK MARKER?

I bought two more boxes.

“This is the last time,” I told myself on the walk home. “No more after this.”

This appeased me. Five was a perfectly fine number of drink markers. I hadn’t doubled up yet; if I was lucky, I’d have ALMOST a full set!

At home, I tentatively peeled open the first box.





Forget the others – THIS was what I’d wanted!

Smiling, I picked up the last box and peeled off the first layer of tape.

I paused to giggle over my lucky purchase.

Sailor Moon! I still couldn’t believe it!

I lifted the lid of the box and paused again.

I had almost a full set! The risk had been worth it!

Reaching into the box, I felt for the package inside and pulled it out without looking.

I decided I’d be satisfied with Saturn. She and Rini were best friends, after all.

At this point, getting a double wouldn’t be so bad.

Two Neptunes could be cute. Or two Plutos.

Hell, I’d take two Sailor Moons.

Package nestled in my fist, I uncurled my fingers.



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