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Galavant Book Tag

When I get bored, I seek out book tags. I mean, I have IDEAS and stuff, but they're all so SERIOUS and my chest gets tight when I watch the news. I need to have fun. Obviously, that means knitting while bingeing "What/If." In terms of book tags... ...SUSY MADE A GALAVANT BOOK TAG!!! Have… Continue reading Galavant Book Tag

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PRIDE MONTH Musical Shuffle Book Tag

I brought back the Musical Shuffle Book Tag...again! I tried to go TOO high-concept at first - 50 songs for 50 years of Pride! - but I scrapped that idea pretty quick. For this round, I paired songs from my 2019 Pride Playlist (available here) with queer books. Most of these are YA and I… Continue reading PRIDE MONTH Musical Shuffle Book Tag

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Musical Shuffle Book Tag: Round 2

I'm back with another playlist (my first playlist can be found here.) To refresh: I put my Spotify on shuffle and associated a book, character, or ship with each song. Behold the results. "Femininity" by Laura Osnes Lara Jean from To All the Boys I Loved Before Femininity, femininity I wish I'd never heard of… Continue reading Musical Shuffle Book Tag: Round 2


Omelette Book Tag

This brunch train CANNOT BE STOPPED. In honor of Bacon, Eggs, & Kegs, I created an Omelette Book Tag. Here you'll find all (well, most) of your favorite omelette fillings, plus some oddballs thrown in for added variety.   Cream cheese A weird story element that worked better than you expected Never thought sentient bread… Continue reading Omelette Book Tag

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What I’ve Learned From Reading Slumps

I'm in a slump. Books that excited me months ago now bore me to tears. I'll draw a bath, pick out a nice book, and spend a lovely hour in a steaming tub...playing games on my phone. This has happened before. In fact, many times. Since I began blogging, I've learned a few things about… Continue reading What I’ve Learned From Reading Slumps

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The Summer Bucket List Book Tag

Is it the Solstice already? Should I attend the parade this year? Will I find a better use for my time? For me, summer triggers important questions like the ones above. I'm often so consumed with these questions that I forget to enjoy summer. I want to spend this summer doing summer-y things, starting with… Continue reading The Summer Bucket List Book Tag


Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Releases of the Second Half of 2019

HA! I'm drafting this bish on a Monday NIGHT! NOW who's caught unawares, Top Ten Tuesday!? I didn't think I WAS excited about the latter half of 2019 until I reviewed its upcoming releases. It feels wrong to anticipate new books when I'm watching the pile of unread books on my floor grow by the… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Releases of the Second Half of 2019


Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag

I don't know how June keeps passing so quickly. We're 17 days into Pride Month?? SERIOUSLY?? It might be the two cups of coffee talking, but there's SO MUCH TO DO. I chose to roll with the anxiety. Diana did a great Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag on her blog. I'm going to RAMP THIS… Continue reading Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag


Pancake Book Tag

My dad found a bomb recipe for vegan pancakes. They're GOOD pancakes. Very koala-tea pancakes. I've seen this tag around. Alex's take @ The Paperbook Piano is my favorite so far. Let's get down to breakfast.   I'm no fan of David Levithan's. I have been very open about this. I don't really "get" his… Continue reading Pancake Book Tag


Yoga Book Tag

Other than zumba, yoga is the only type of exercise I can stand. I love the opportunity to tune into my body and center myself. Also, added bonus: I get to wear cute outfits. Praise be. Though I saw a yoga tag on BookTube, I haven't seen many yoga pose book tags on the blogs.… Continue reading Yoga Book Tag