The Ice Lolly Book Tag

I survived a two-week heat wave. I'm now ready for fall. I found the Ice Lolly Book Tag (created by Louise @ Book Murmuration) over at AceReader. I had to google each of the sweets mentioned but they look and sound delicious. King cones with the chocolate bit at the end are still my favorite.… Continue reading The Ice Lolly Book Tag


Life’s a Beach Book Tag

Seattle's in the middle of a heat wave and I'm not happy about it. The weather has been creeping past Pacific Northwest Hot into Actually Hot. At least it feels like summer, so here's a summery book tag from Lefty at The Left-Handed Book Lover. The Sand A book that stuck with you long after… Continue reading Life’s a Beach Book Tag


folklore is my favorite: an album dissection

I've listened to Taylor Swift's folklore close to two dozen times since its release. And, yes, despite my big research project not too long ago, my beloved reputation has been ousted by newcomer folklore. Folk is a very natural fit for Taylor Swift's vocal stylings - I'm surprised no one thought to explore this pairing sooner. folklore feels more vulnerable than… Continue reading folklore is my favorite: an album dissection

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Spotify Book Tag

Oh, Spotify. Without you, how could I write fiction? My characters would be flat humanoids lacking personal anthems. I found this great tag on Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them (great blog name!) Can you tell that I'm still procrastinating? Listen, NaNoWriMo is kicking my butt. Let me have this. Hit Rewind: a book… Continue reading Spotify Book Tag

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The Lover Book Tag: Round 2

That's right...I KEEP MY PROMISES AT LEAST SOME OF THE TIME! This is another Lover-inspired book tag. Find the original on UponthePages. I Forgot That You Existed ↠ What’s a book you wish you forgot? UGH, no book let me down more than Coffeehouse Angel. I HATED this book. I couldn't figure out what the point was, the romance… Continue reading The Lover Book Tag: Round 2


Summer Sweatalong Book Tag

Oh, summer is over, is it? ....I'm still doing this tag. The start of September made me a bit nostalgic. To keep things fresh, I chose books from the distant past. distant, I meant from the last 10-20 years. YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT CLASSICS. (SPOILERS ahead.) My favorite season and why I like… Continue reading Summer Sweatalong Book Tag


Summer Drink Book Tag [ORIGINAL]

Summer is winding down and I'm thirsty all the time. Care for a drink? Rules: Link back to Narrative Paradise so I can read your answers. Tag friends, Romans, countrypeople, etc. Tell me your favorite drink of the options presented. Stay hydrated. Water with lemon A boring book with one interesting element I wouldn't call The… Continue reading Summer Drink Book Tag [ORIGINAL]


The Summer Reader Book Tag

Hi-hi and welcome to the Babysitters Club Club. Various bloggers did this summery tag and I wanna try.'s August. I gotta hit these summer tags before fall swoops in. Lemonade Pick a book that started off bitter but got better Daughter of Smoke and Bone might seem like an odd choice since I loved it… Continue reading The Summer Reader Book Tag

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The Quintessential Summer Book Tag

Summer continues. The plot thickens. Over in Seattle, we have heat waves followed by heavy rains. It's a DOOZY. This tag has nothing to do with the movie Midsommar, which I saw last week and can't stop thinking about. It's almost midsummer, though, yeah? Close enough.   Iced Drink A refreshing bookThis is your weekly… Continue reading The Quintessential Summer Book Tag


Summer Lovin’ Book Tag

I resurrected some very old summer book tags. This first one is called the Summer Lovin' Book Tag, found on Super Bookworm. Surprisingly, this tag has nothing to do with Grease. Start of Summer Pick a book with an attention-grabbing first line I didn't care for The Miseducation of Cameron Post, but you can't beat the first… Continue reading Summer Lovin’ Book Tag