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The Lover Book Tag: Round 2


This is another Lover-inspired book tag. Find the original on UponthePages.


I Forgot That You Existed ↠ What’s a book you wish you forgot?

Coffeehouse Angel.jpg

UGH, no book let me down more than Coffeehouse Angel.

I HATED this book.

I couldn’t figure out what the point was, the romance was all over the place, and the resolution was ODD.

How come I remember each and every detail of this disappointment?



Cruel Summer ↠ What’s your favorite book set during the summer?

Summer Unscripted

Summer Unscripted was unexpectedly sweet and beautiful.

I loved this book.

Scout’s honor.



Lover ↠ What’s your favorite romance trope?

This trope is extremely dramatic and theologically confusing, but it has Orpheus and Eurydice vibes and I go soft for it every time.

It’s called You Are Worth Hell.

IS THERE ANYTHING more romantic than braving hell for a loved one?

Yes, I watched Hercules a lot as an adolescent.


The Man ↠  Who’s your favorite feminist character?


This is your reminder than Eowyn of The Lord of the Rings is no man.

I don’t mind that she mopes over Aragorn.

I would have done the same.



The Archer ↠ Since this song discusses being imperfect, what’s an imperfect book you love?


Dreamcatcher isn’t…great.

And it’s REALLY long.

And there’s an Inspirationally Disadvantaged character.

It’s still my favorite Stephen King book besides Misery.

I love the friendship between the main characters and the paralyzing body horror.

It’s possible this is the only King novel with a decent ending.



I Think He Knows ↠  What character do you know very well?

pgsm ee 2

I know prrrrreeeettty much everything there is to know about Usagi Tsukino and her friends.

I’ve committed their likes, dislikes, blood type, and relationships past and present to memory.

I even boned up on Roman and Japanese mythology.

The Sailor Scouts have had my heart since I was six.

I want to be them when I grow up.


Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince ↠ Favorite book set in high school?

What if everyone knew your name

All these questions about “favorites” when I’m trying to be diverse in my choices…

So listen…

I read a series of Choose Your Own Destiny novels in junior high.

They were trash, but I looooved them.

I breathlessly read the first, What If…Everyone Knew Your Name?, during my freshman math class.


…it was worth it.


Paper Rings ↠ What bookish OTP you want to get married?


So many choices!

I really need Trixie and Ben to stay together.

Picture their Doctor Who-themed wedding.



Cornelia Street ↠ What’s a book set near or where you live?

Nature of Jade.jpg

Woof, I haven’t thought about The Nature of Jade in a loooong time.

It’s set in Seattle!

I think it’s the only of Caletti’s books to be set in Seattle.

Was this the one where the protagonist’s dad killed his lover’s husband?

Or the one where the protagonist’s love interest had a child?

All the Deb Caletti books I read melded together in my brain.


Death by a Thousand Cuts ↠ Who’s your favorite character who’s been through a lot?

Furuba 3

I have many favorite sad bois.

Ronan’s gotten a lot of attention lately, so I’m turning to my beloved Kyo Sohma.

Poor Kyo

  • lost his mother to suicide
  • was rejected by his father
  • missed a chance to save his only friend
  • watched that friend get hit by a car
  • has been threatened with a life of complete isolation
  • attracts stray cats whenever he feels a strong emotion
  • is beaten/abused by an unwanted suitor

Please love him.


London Boy ↠ Listen, I can’t help it. Who’s your favorite British character?

Are these my basoomas.jpg

Georgia Nicholson is a gem of the highest order.

Also, the film version stands up.

Watch it now.



Soon You’ll Get Better ft. the Dixie Chicks ↠ What’s a book that’s made you incredibly sad?


The Time Traveler’s Wife is an all-around bummer.

The ending makes me sick to my stomach.

There’s supposedly hope, but…it’s not enough.



False God ↠  Since this song talks about her relationship being greater than them, name your ALL TIME favorite book?




Know what?

I utterly loved Pure the first and only time I read it.

It was REALLY good, VERY helpful.


You Need to Calm Down ↠ What’s your favorite LGBT+ book?

Don’t DO this to me.

(Also, I’ve read so many BAD LGBT+ books.)

I’m going to list five of my favorites and will inevitably leave something perfect out:

Queer, There, and EverywhereWould You Rather?Something NewYou Know Me WellCarry On


This is the best I can do, STOP PRESSURING ME.


Afterglow ↠ What’s a book you think you rated too harshly the first time you read it?


It’s possible I overreacted about Stalking Jack the Ripper.

You all seem to love it and I wasn’t in a good headspace when I tried reading it.

On the other hand…how DARE you disrespect the Jack the Ripper legend.

I hated everything about this book, from the writing to the romance.


ME! ↠ What’s your favorite uplifting book?

Brave Enough.jpg

Brave Enough compiles Cheryl Strayed’s greatest quotes for bite-size doses of inspiration.

I cried and cried while reading this book (which took me less than an hour.)

It was exactly what I needed.


It’s Nice to Have a Friend ↠ What bookish character do you wish was your best friend?

These Witches Don't Burn



I would LOVE to have a tall, hot, blonde ballerina as my wingwoman!



Daylight ↠ Since this song is already underrated, what’s your favorite underrated book?

Good Luck of Right Now

The Good Luck of Right Now is SO GOOD and WHOLESOME and LOVELY.

WAY better than The Silver Linings Playbook.

If you enjoyed The Rosie Project, you’ll like this book. The writing styles are very similar.

THIS one, though, is epistolary.


I’ve got another one of these queued up.

You. Better. Believe. It.

Watch this turn into a Taylor Swift blog.

If you were here during my Sailor Moon phase, you know this isn’t unlikely.

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