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Pancake Book Tag

My dad found a bomb recipe for vegan pancakes.

They’re GOOD pancakes.

Very koala-tea pancakes.

I’ve seen this tag around. Alex’s take @ The Paperbook Piano is my favorite so far.

Let’s get down to breakfast.

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How to Ship the Sailor Senshi

In 2012, I came across a drawing of the Sailor Senshi with their season 1 nemeses the Shittenou.

Related image
Meanwhile, Tuxedo Mask tries to kiss an unconscious Usagi YET AGAIN.

I didn’t think much of it. I considered it author art.

If I were a mangaka, I would draw speculative crack ships ALL the TIME.

Then, through rumor and conjecture, I learned this drawing referenced a scrapped sideplot that paired these characters for REAL.

These pairings are apparently confirmed inĀ Sailor Moon Crystal.

That would be fine, except…

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