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Reputation Book Tag

I told you. It's rereads and book tags from here on out. I found this one at Mollie the Reader and had a lot of fun with the answers. I tried not to choose the same ten books that I usually mention. Track One: …Ready For It – a book that you are sooooo ready… Continue reading Reputation Book Tag


Taylor Swift – 2014 – 2020 (The Blue Album)

WE'RE BACK FOR TAYLOR'S GREATEST HITS FROM 2014-2020! This post was much harder to write than the previous. Taylor put out SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC during this period! TOO MUCH, even! I should mention the ground rules I laid out but didn't mention in my last post: I avoided covers and songs where Taylor only… Continue reading Taylor Swift – 2014 – 2020 (The Blue Album)

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Wonderstruck Book Tag

I'm no Swiftie, yet here I am doing another Taylor Swift book tag. I really loved Olivia's take. She developed this excellent tag, as well as the graphics I'll be using.   Bird murder!? BIRD MURDER!? I thought this would be a cute domestic comedy about lesbians!! Reading The Summer of Salt reminded me of We Need to… Continue reading Wonderstruck Book Tag