Taylor Swift – 2014 – 2020 (The Blue Album)

WE'RE BACK FOR TAYLOR'S GREATEST HITS FROM 2014-2020! This post was much harder to write than the previous. Taylor put out SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC during this period! TOO MUCH, even! I should mention the ground rules I laid out but didn't mention in my last post: I avoided covers and songs where Taylor only… Continue reading Taylor Swift – 2014 – 2020 (The Blue Album)

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Wonderstruck Book Tag

I'm no Swiftie, yet here I am doing another Taylor Swift book tag. I really loved Olivia's take. She developed this excellent tag, as well as the graphics I'll be using.   Bird murder!? BIRD MURDER!? I thought this would be a cute domestic comedy about lesbians!! Reading The Summer of Salt reminded me of We Need to… Continue reading Wonderstruck Book Tag


Taylor Swift Book Tag

All the commentary I've read on this tag refers to Swift's 2014 switch from country to pop. If only you knew, 2014. By the by, I loved 1989. Solid, solid album. Dear The Book Nut: Thanks for all the tags. I'm being serious. Y'all are great. Let's. Jump. In. (Spoilers ahead) We Are Never Ever Getting… Continue reading Taylor Swift Book Tag