The Book Snob Tag

I've been called a snob more than once. Everyone has standards, triggers, and preferences (whether they know it or not); I have yet to meet a person who is truly open to everything. However, I've found that voicing my opinions sometimes triggers various iterations of, "You're such a snob!" It took me a long time… Continue reading The Book Snob Tag


The Wasted Potential Book Tag

You know how much I love to rag on books. Kristin and Jenna did a Wasted Potential Book Tag that made my heart sing. I started thinking of books that I thought could have been better. Once I started, I couldn't stop. One. A book that tried but failed to tackle an issue I didn't… Continue reading The Wasted Potential Book Tag


BOOK BETRAYAL: I DNFed Wayward Son…and I am not okay

I have been looking forward to Carry On's sequel Wayward Son for almost a year. I preordered the book in February, desperate to ensure that I got my copy ASAP. I followed every single update for moooooonths leading up to the release. My copy arrived yesterday afternoon. I drew a bath, lit my Scorpio candle, and vowed to… Continue reading BOOK BETRAYAL: I DNFed Wayward Son…and I am not okay

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Losing my religion

I am on what I like to call a religious vacation. On this vacation, I won't work out my faith with fear and trembling. Neither will I obsessively study different Bible translations and commentaries. I attend church as a visitor might: curious but detached. I started this vacation with a dire case of "religious exhaustion."… Continue reading Losing my religion


Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my Fall 2019 TBR

Here I go participating in Top Ten Tuesday at the last second. I hate to be left out. Fall is my favorite time to reread books. This fall, I want to reread some books and try some spooky new reads. (Hey, Mansfield Park.) It's. Happening. 1. Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore This is my favorite book in the Graceling series. Rain,… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my Fall 2019 TBR


Lover Tracks for Every Zodiac Sign

What did I say about the Lover-themed content on this blog? Enough is never enough. I did some superficial research on the zodiac for a different post and AM NOW AN EXPERT. (This is a lie; false confidence is my coping mechanism.) I like tying things to other things. You know this. YOU'VE READ MY TAGS. The… Continue reading Lover Tracks for Every Zodiac Sign

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The Lover Book Tag: Round 4

Don't act so surprised. Both Drizzle & Hurricane Books and twenty-seven letters did this tag, which I took as a sign that I HAD TO DO A FOURTH LOVER BOOK TAG. It's fate, really. Written in the STARS, perhaps?? (Not that that matters, as Western astrology follows the Tropical Zodiac instead of constellations, but IT'S A NICE… Continue reading The Lover Book Tag: Round 4

Real Life

The Great Astrology Comparison Chart: A personal journey into astrology

My friend Wez almost ruined the zodiac for me. The day after I showed him my zodiac soap, Wez reminded me of a controversial event from three years earlier. In 2016, NASA revealed that the cosmos had shifted. and our sky looks different than it did three thousand years ago. You know, when the zodiac… Continue reading The Great Astrology Comparison Chart: A personal journey into astrology


Back-to-school Book Tag

I miss school. I'm a social baby who loves to learn. I'm flashing back to my senior high of school, which suuuucked. The start of school, though, was ALMOST ALWAYS great. My outfits K I L L E D  I T. To celebrate the start of school again, I'm doing the Back-to-school Back Tag as… Continue reading Back-to-school Book Tag


Quick Fire Fantasy Book Tag

I've been working on original stuff, not just tags! Yes! Exciting! I was still very relieved when Jenna tagged me in this fantasy-themed tag. I don't read as much fantasy as perhaps I once did. What DO I read? What even QUALIFIES as fantasy? Does it TRULY matter? I plan to explore NONE of these… Continue reading Quick Fire Fantasy Book Tag