Revisiting the Night Circus

(Spoilers ahead for The Night Circus) (CW: depression, anxiety, alcohol, suicide) I expected to hate The Starless Sea. I'd been hyped about everything from the cover (bees! keys!) to the plot synopsis (something something pirate ship in a magic sea!) until I realized who wrote it: Erin Morgenstern, author of The Night Circus, my least favorite book… Continue reading Revisiting the Night Circus


Bookish Christmas Book Tag

Happy Hanukkah, merry Boxing Day, blessed Yule, and joyful Kwanzaa. Would you believe I got BOOKS for Christmas yesterday? Two of them might be going in my Top Ten Books of 2019! IT'S WILD. Emer did this excellent Christmas tag that I'm using to wrap up my winter holiday. Enjoy your new books and leftover… Continue reading Bookish Christmas Book Tag


The Dim Sum Book Tag

I missed out on a LOT OF GOOD BOOK TAGS before 2018. I was, uh...busy. With what, it doesn't matter. ANYWAY, I PULLED THIS DIM SUM TAG FROM THE AWKWARD BOOK BLOGGER, THAT'S HOW THINGS GO, I MISS EATING PORK, COME ON. Tea A book that started off hot but quickly turned cold A friend… Continue reading The Dim Sum Book Tag


Back-to-school Book Tag

I miss school. I'm a social baby who loves to learn. I'm flashing back to my senior high of school, which suuuucked. The start of school, though, was ALMOST ALWAYS great. My outfits K I L L E D  I T. To celebrate the start of school again, I'm doing the Back-to-school Back Tag as… Continue reading Back-to-school Book Tag

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Midsommar Book Tag [ORIGINAL]

You know how I made my Quintessential Summer Book Tag Midsommar-themed, as I am apparently obsessed with that movie? I decided that wasn't enough. WELCOME, FOLKS, TO THE MIDSOMMAR BOOK TAG. Everyone, do the tag! Come on, do it! It feels really nice! I will try to avoid spoilers. I'll try VERY hard. Oh, I… Continue reading Midsommar Book Tag [ORIGINAL]


The Great December Readathon

I mentioned acquiring some serious, award-winning books that I couldn't wait to read. I also mentioned some long-unread books on my TBR and some current rereads. Well. I visited my hometown library. Both the Seattle Central Library and the branch I frequent have a decent YA section stocked with new releases. Walking into the Teen… Continue reading The Great December Readathon