The Not-So-Perfect Book Tag: Round Two

Yes, I've already done this tag. However, it's one of my favorite book tags of all time. Nish and Ngoc of Nish & Ngoc's Book Nook tagged me in this two whole years ago. (Definitely read their post before you proceed. Their answers are hilarious.) I had a post ready, then ran out of steam… Continue reading The Not-So-Perfect Book Tag: Round Two


Top 5 Tuesday: Couples I Don’t Think Stayed Together

Today's Top 5 Tuesday is JUICY. I LOVE trashing ships. It's one of my favorite pastimes. I hate some very popular ships. I think this is due in large part to: a dearth of inspiring mainstream queer ships lower standards for male love interests I would have given an example of that second one, but… Continue reading Top 5 Tuesday: Couples I Don’t Think Stayed Together

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Mala Santa Book Tag

Before this tag, I had never heard of Becky G. According to my research, she's a 22-year-old Latin singer/songwriter who started out doing covers on YouTube. Leelynn created this original tag + graphics using Becky G's brand-new LP. (She is the true Queen of Tags.) Music, graphics, and books? What a find! Now let me… Continue reading Mala Santa Book Tag

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Lil Peep Book Tag

Would you believe I thought this tag referred to the nursery rhyme? one's surprised. That's fair. Lil Peep was a rapper who died in 2017. This tag uses his songs as prompts. That's all I really know. Halei did this tag on her great blog Degenerate Reads with the intent of spread it around… Continue reading Lil Peep Book Tag

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Universal Monsters Book Tag

My friend Shane once described the Universal Movie Monsters canon in its entirety while we waited for a bus. I understood this much: Universal Studios keeps resurrecting popular, public domain creatures that live in a shared film universe...or something. They tried remaking The Mummy to jumpstart the franchise once again...and they FAILED. We see the Universal Movie… Continue reading Universal Monsters Book Tag

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Midsommar Book Tag [ORIGINAL]

You know how I made my Quintessential Summer Book Tag Midsommar-themed, as I am apparently obsessed with that movie? I decided that wasn't enough. WELCOME, FOLKS, TO THE MIDSOMMAR BOOK TAG. Everyone, do the tag! Come on, do it! It feels really nice! I will try to avoid spoilers. I'll try VERY hard. Oh, I… Continue reading Midsommar Book Tag [ORIGINAL]


The Identity Crisis Book Tag

The best solution in a time of crisis is a personality quiz. This tag, pulled from the blog Fiction No Chaser, involves quizzes. Jess was nice enough to include rules and I loved her answers, so here we are. THE RULES Take all the quizzes down below and record your answers somehow. I decided to… Continue reading The Identity Crisis Book Tag


How to Make a Lauren: A Personality Recipe

A couple days ago, I chose protagonist Emi to represent my entire personality. I'd identified closely with Harry Potter in the past, but those days were over... ...right? Then I thought of ANOTHER perfect character. And another. And another. I am a complex cocktail of neuroses and traits. One character is simply not enough. If… Continue reading How to Make a Lauren: A Personality Recipe

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The Ultimate Harry Potter Book Tag

Ultimate? Harry Potter? My recent complaints have made me nostalgic for the series. I guess WRITING AN ENTIRE SCREENPLAY ABOUT REMUS LUPIN WILL DO THAT TO YOU. And this tag (created by Isabeau's Literary Musings, discovered at Under the Book Cover) had rapid-fire questions that are easy to answer. Let's go!   ROUND ONE: OPINIONS… Continue reading The Ultimate Harry Potter Book Tag


Harry Potter Honouring the Dead Book Tag

No one tagged me, but here I am. Harry Potter and death are two of my favorite things. I had to be here. There are many, many spoilers ahead. I will try to mark them beforehand, but not promises. Before we start, I have to show some house pride: Ravenclaw Surprised? So am I! On… Continue reading Harry Potter Honouring the Dead Book Tag