August: The Month of Rage

Last month's common thread: many of the things I read filled me with PALPABLE RAGE. Here are the lowlights. (Some spoilers ahead.) (CW: rape, abuse, neglect) From Speak: The Graphic Novel Melinda walks into the kitchen with self-harm scars. Her mom notices them and says, "I don't have time for this." Melinda stops speaking, develops scabs… Continue reading August: The Month of Rage


How to Make a Lauren: A Personality Recipe

A couple days ago, I chose protagonist Emi to represent my entire personality. I'd identified closely with Harry Potter in the past, but those days were over... ...right? Then I thought of ANOTHER perfect character. And another. And another. I am a complex cocktail of neuroses and traits. One character is simply not enough. If… Continue reading How to Make a Lauren: A Personality Recipe

Real Life

Alone at Christmas

I upped my meds this week. I'm amazed at how much better I feel. I made it to Saturday Morning yoga for the first time in two months. I wrapped all my Christmas presents. I joined friends for karaoke, even though it was past my bedtime. Additionally, a whole host of dark thoughts about singleness disappeared. I… Continue reading Alone at Christmas

Entertainment, Television

Yuri!!! on Ice Skaters Ranked from Worst to Best

(Per my mom's advice, a major SPOILER WARNING goes into effect starting now.) I knew I had depression when I couldn't get through an episode of skating anime "Yuri!!! on Ice" without sobbing. Then again, the show delivers intense emotions and sympathetic plotlines that can trigger tears whether you have a serotonin deficiency or not.… Continue reading Yuri!!! on Ice Skaters Ranked from Worst to Best