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R.I.P. It or Ship It: Round 12

For round 12, I picked

Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries
Princess Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Mia started as an awkward nobody with bad hair until her father revealed their royal lineage. Now she’s an awkward somebody with slightly better hair and control over a small European principality.

Related image
Much to her dismay.

Azula, the Fire Lord’s favorite child, prefers flunkies to friends. She pursues fratricide with dogmatic devotion and nearly succeeds. World domination she saves for her nights off.

This is CASUAL Azula.

The Couple
For eight books, Mia’s main antagonist is Lana Weinberger, a catty cheerleader who bullies Mia’s friends.

To get Azula, take Lana and add firepower and a predilection for murder.

Yeah, that’ll work. Nothing says love quite like torment.

I love villain ships, but come on.

“Opposites attract” won’t fly here. Mia donated her entire salary to Greenpeace. Azula eats puppies.

Image result for sad puppy

Mia has never been much of a flunkie. She lacks the sunny confidence or cool indifference necessary to put up with Azula. Mia is too high-strung to handle a princess one bad hair day away from a breakdown.

There it is
Too late!

Verdict: R.I.P. IT

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R.I.P. It or Ship It: Round 7

For round 7, I picked

Harry Potter from The Harry Potter series
Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Harry Potter survived a Killing Curse when he was a baby. Harry Potter is the youngest Quidditch player in a century. Harry Potter can talk to snakes. Harry Potter is “special,” a status he does not enjoy.

So done

Banished from his kingdom, the character formerly known as Prince Zuko was given an impossible task by his father: find and capture the missing Avatar. Aided by his uncle, Zuko seeks redemption. He will regain his place! He will impress his father! He will roll his eyes at his uncle’s stupid jokes!

Will this save as a gif
While sulking!

The Couple
For as many advantages as Harry has, he lacks supportive father figures as the ones around him keep dying. I doubt he’d have much patience for a prince who resents his loving, living uncle. Plus, Harry’s never been impressed by social standing; he chose a blood traitor and a know-it-all Mudblood as his best friends. How much would he enjoy a partner who wishes he was still a prince?

Who does that sound like?

On Zuko’s end, I doubt he would care for a Chosen One who squanders all his influence. Zuko may be banished from the Fire Nation, but he still uses Fire Nation resources to track the Avatar. Harry could have whatever he wants, yet he would rather hang out with his friends than seize power.

Zuko’s penchant for betrayal dooms this couple. Harry would NEVER leave his uncle rotting in prison. Zuko sent his uncle to jail ON PURPOSE.

Best Harry Potter picture

Verdict: R.I.P. IT

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R.I.P. It or Ship It

It’s time to ship some characters.

love stupid ships. When writing with friends, my go-to prompt is always, “Write the most unlikely couple you can think of.” I find this exercise fascinating even if they hate doing it. Some of my favorite ships have started as a joke; the more I laugh, the more sense the pairing makes.

So I played “R.I.P. It or Ship It” and the results were intense.

I picked 30 characters from 15 of my favorite franchises. To make things interesting, I picked a character I love from each franchise alongside a character I have more complicated feelings for.

Then I made some arbitrary rules:

  1. I tried to pick only 2 characters per franchise. (I may have cheated with “Star Wars.”)
  2. Any underage characters were aged up for the purposes of this game.
  3. Because I was more interested in dynamics than in canon potential, incompatible orientation was not a dealbreaker.

Here were the players:

The Lunar Chronicles
Jacin Clay (love) and Cress Darnell (loathe)

Harry Potter
Harry Potter (love) and Remus Lupin (loathe)

Fruits Basket
Kyo Sohma (love) and Shigure Sohma (dislike)

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Prince Zuko (love) and Princess Azula (despise)

Star Wars: New Trilogy
Kylo Ren (LOVE) and Admiral Hux (dislike)

Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy
Queen Amidala (like) and Anakin Skywalker (despise)

The Raven Cycle
Ronan Lynch (LOVE) and Adam Parrish (long story)

Northanger Abbey
Henry Tilney (LOVE) and Catherine Morland (resent)

Jane Austen’s Emma
Emma Woodhouse (like) and Harriet Smith (LOATHE)

You Know Me Well
Kate (like) and Ryan (DESPISE)

BBC’s The Musketeers
Porthos (LOVE) and Athos (LOATHE)

The Princess Diaries
Mia Thermopolis (like) and Lilly Moscovitz (loathe)

Tamora Pierce’s Tortall Universe
Alanna of Trebond (like) and Daine Sarrasri (despise)

Aaron Burr (love) and Alexander Hamilton (hate)

Mark Cohen (like) and Roger Davis (long story)

Thus occurred 15 rounds of romances so impossible they each deserve their own post.

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Top 10 Best Avatar Episodes

Doug Walker makes me grateful for the internet. I’ve spent hours watching and rewatching his many movie reviews. Last September, he produced two of his best reviews–aided by my beloved Dante Basco–examining the top 11 best and top 11 worst Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes. I say this with utmost respect:

You’re crazy, Doug Walker.

Some of my favorite episodes made it into his top 11 worst list, while others didn’t even get a mention. Worst of all, there was nowhere near enough Zuko.

After buying and watching the complete series, I made a list of my top 10 favorite episodes (one thing we can agree on, Doug: it’s really hard to pick the “worst” episodes from such a great series). Because Doug and I have different preferences and criteria, our lists have few similarities. If you’re looking for a list with plenty of Zuko, you’ve come to the right place.

10. The Waterbending Scroll

There’s only one reason this episode is in my top 10.

Save you from pirates
“I’ll save you from the pirates.” *squee*

Even though he’s the bad guy and he’s being sarcastic and I know Zutara isn’t canon, my heart flutters every time. It’s such a good line. It made me consider that Zuko might not be so bad.

Other than that one line, this episode has some good action and pirates! Who doesn’t love pirates? Any TV episode with pirates is automatically my favorite.

Unless it’s from “Once Upon a Time.”

You’re the worst.

9. The Headband

Several episodes I chose because they had memorable lines. My favorite from this episode?

This episode has a bunch of little moments that make me giggle.

  • Aang greeting everyone with “hotman”
  • Aang’s parent-teacher conference with Sokka and Katara
  • All the kids banding together to give the Gaang time to escape
  • Sokka’s slow clap at the end
  • Aang tweaking out while playing tsungihorn
  • The Gaang throwing a DANCE PARTY for Fire Nation kids. What’s not to love?

Doug Walker criticized this episode for being too lighthearted compared to the previous one. He thought “Avatar-does-‘Footloose'” was a little goofy for the second episode of the final season.

The series’ goofiness is one of the reasons I like “Avatar” better than “Korra.” In “Avatar,” the more serious elements are balanced out by humor and a lighter tone. I loved Season 2’s darker storyline and the first episode of Season 3, but after all that, it was nice to watch something silly reminiscent of the first season.

This episode makes me laugh every time I watch it. Flameo, hotman!