End-of-July Literary Wish List

I didn't read too many books at the beginning of July. Pride Month tired me out, I guess. I finally picked up some decent reads and even finished backlist books! I'M BACK ON TRACK. At least until my second Powell's trip of the year in...less than two weeks. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND… Continue reading End-of-July Literary Wish List


Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite (and least favorite) character types

Give me all your clichés and archetypes. Let me swallow them whole. Today's Top Ten Tuesday was a freebie, which means the bloggers I follow came up with trillions of creative ideas. There's a "favorite tropes" TTT coming up, so today I wanted to focus on characters. Specifically, character types. I know I'll love certain… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite (and least favorite) character types

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Pre-Netflix Grishaverse Tag

So Netflix is developing a Six of Crows series. I'm still waiting for news on Syfy's Raven Cycle adaptation, but Six of Crows should satisfy me till then. Real-life Jesper, please. Listen: the fans want their favorite series to be respected. And, honestly Netflix, it's best you don't screw up the representation. Make up for canceling Tuca and Bertie. And Sense8. And One… Continue reading Pre-Netflix Grishaverse Tag

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Rihanna Book Tag

My coworker worships Rihanna. I just did a great Ariana Grande book tag, so I went looking for a Rihanna book tag in my coworker's honor. Wouldn't you know it, ONE EXISTS. Ana at Me Myself and Books made the tag. I am using her gifs becaaaaause. Where Have You Been A book you wish… Continue reading Rihanna Book Tag

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Star Wars Confession Post

A complaint regarding my  relationship: I can quote the Star Wars franchise in its entirety. I commonly invoke the "I love you, I know" conversation in romantic moments. I snap, "That's not how the Force works!" or, "I'M SURE YOU ARE!" when irritated. My girlfriend lets these words waft past her as if they mean… Continue reading Star Wars Confession Post


Books I Want to Read But DON’T Want to Read Tag

I've drafted this post before at least twice. I keep trashing my drafts. I don't know why. TBR shame? Who knows. So, inspired by Xandra, Laura, Sahi, and Amy, I'm finally doing this tag. Oh snap, here's a link to the original at Jami Shelves! A book that you feel you need to read because everyone talks… Continue reading Books I Want to Read But DON’T Want to Read Tag


Jane Austen Character Book Tag

One thing I love about the blogosphere: the amount of creativity and number of shared interests in the community mean I don't have to make my own book tags. Case in point, Madame Writer created a Jane Austen Character book tag. And just in time - playing multiple rounds of Marrying Mr. Darcy every weekend put me… Continue reading Jane Austen Character Book Tag


The Raven Cycle Book Tag

The last Raven Cycle tag I found was one of those "pick a character" ones. (And I hate those.) This is a whole new SCENARIOS tag found on Paper Fury! IT'S DESTINY. I love this series and these characters and a reread is LONG overdue. Which REMINDS me that Claire still has my copy of Blue… Continue reading The Raven Cycle Book Tag


Reasons to DNF

I DNF (book blogger for "did not finish") books all the time. Last month, I DNFed 9 books. Just this week, I DNFed 2. I'm able to do this thanks to a high school English teacher who said, "Life is too short to read books you don't like." She was right. Why might I DNF… Continue reading Reasons to DNF


Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-buy authors

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN. Today's Top Ten Tuesday features my top ten auto-buy authors. Is this a rehash of my Lady Writer Supergroup? POSSIBLY. Maggie Stiefvater   OB-VI-OUS-LY. Stiefvater gave me murder horses in The Scorpio Races. She gave me Ronan Lynch in The Raven Cycle. She gave me miracles in All the Crooked Saints. I will go… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-buy authors