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Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-buy authors


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Spring Cleaning Book Tag: 2019 Edition

My schedule has fluctuated massively in the last few weeks.

With new Tuesday classes, weekly dinners, and church events, I feel like I’m busy all the time.

I’m getting a rare night in to recalibrate and get some reading done.

Writing-wise, my brain is broken, so I’ve been stacking up the book tags.

I’ve seen this tag around the blogosphere.

Today, I finally participate.

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R.I.P. It or Ship It: Round 15


For round 15, I picked

Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars
Cress Darnell from The Lunar Chronicles

Anakin Skywalker feels very attacked right now because EVERYONE KEEPS TREATING HIM LIKE A CHILD. Thought to be the Chosen One, Anakin excels in acting rashly and crying about it later. His flirting skills need WORK.


Forced out of Lunar society, Cress Darnell spent most of her youth on a satellite hacking Earth’s security feed. Easily impressed, Cress swoons over scoundrels and expresses delight in mundane things like sand. Her flirting skills, along with her life skills, do not exist. Girl is DUMB.


The Couple
Alas, Anakin’s hatred for sand might keep these two apart.

I find it hard to ship someone as unlikable as Anakin. Who wouldn’t be disillusioned by all that child murder? Or, you know…regular murder?

Sand people

But come on. These two have plenty in common, including childhood enslavement and a love of space travel.

Sure, there are things to dislike about this pairing. Rage. Jealousy. A disturbing height difference.

And, yes, the character Cress fears most is an angry giant with murderous instincts…which pretty much describes Anakin.

Know what? I don’t care.

At least this dynamic is interesting.

At least there’s contrast.


This is the final round and I’m calling it.

Verdict: SHIP IT

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R.I.P. It or Ship It: Round 3

For round 3, I picked

Lilly Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries
Jacin Clay from The Lunar Chronicles

Heather Matarazzo gave life to Lilly Moscovitz in Garry Marshall’s take on my favorite book. Heather’s charm was missing from the original series, where Lilly functions as Mia’s smug best friend. Lilly never misses a chance to demean Mia, something Mia waves off as “just how [Lilly] is.”

That was…almost an apology!

Jacin Clay’s secret love for Princess Winter was revealed in a twist that shed new light on his actions. Jacin’s ONLY loyalty is to the princess. As such, he loves letting others know how incompetent and insignificant they are.

Pictured: flawless hair care and disdain.

The Couple
I hate Book Lilly’s toxicity. I hate when she nitpicks others’ flaws. I HATE the power imbalance her massive ego creates in her relationships.

None of Lilly’s friends call her out for her behavior. The few times someone does, Lilly offers a nominal apology that she brushes aside in favor of her own feelings.

Jacin’s patience died with his dreams of becoming a doctor. Stupidity will not fly around him. If you lie or propose a stupid idea, he will let you know.

In that respect, I’m here for this ship. Jacin would see through all Lilly’s attempts at self-aggrandizement and shut. Them. Down.

Lilly dumped sensitive musician Boris because he couldn’t keep up. Her most successful canon relationships were with a Muay-Thai fighting mad scientist and an Israeli-trained Swedish bodyguard. She would be into Jacin’s military bearing and sass.

This is true love. I can feel it.

Verdict: SHIP IT

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11 things to expect from Marissa Meyer’s Winter

The Lunar Chronicles is over. I won’t be able to theorize about possible plot events anymore; they’ve already happened. There won’t be any more stories starring my favorite cyborg princess and Lunar special operative (unless Meyer pulls a J. K. Rowling and keeps milking the series). I can only imagine what Scarlet, Wolf, Cress, Thorne, Kai, Cinder, Jacin, and Winter are doing now.

It’s slowly hitting me that the journey is over.

I’m not handling it well.

I thought about reviewing Winter, but I’m not great at avoiding spoilers and to write about it would ruin the entire series for newcomers.

This was the only course of action: a survey of things to expect from a book that offers the unexpected. Continue reading “11 things to expect from Marissa Meyer’s Winter”

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The Men of Lunar Chronicles

Ahoy! Thar be spoilers here!

We return to my favorite series to examine each of the heroines’ love interests.

Carswell Thorne

I was not a Thorne fan when I started reading. It had something to do with his bravado, self-appointed title of captain, and sensitivity to prison soap. Kai puts it perfectly in Scarlet.

[Thorne’s] prison photo showed him flippantly winking at the camera. Kai hated him immediately.

Thorne grew on me, though. He has a roguish charm and enough street smarts and survival skills to last a few days in the Sahara. He’s funny, too, finding time for sarcastic repartee during battle.

Much as I love Kai, I ship Cinder and Thorne because while he drives her crazy, he always has her back. It’s hard to find guys willing to unfasten your control panel and reboot your system these days. No, that isn’t a euphemism.

Thorne provides a good bit of comic relief as the series gets more intense. Still, his more cinematic moments make me roll my eyes, and his relationship with Cress is one of the series’ weaker aspects. I’ll take my men with more savvy and less swagger, thank you.

Emperor Kaito

You don’t woo women by being sassy (*ahem* Thorne). You listen to them, buy them thoughtful presents, and invite them to balls. In these ways, Kai has the jump on his fellow love interests. Kai is young, angsty, inexperienced, and honestly kind of dumb, but he tries. Out of all the girls vying for his attention, he pursues Cinder. He’s not put off by her manly hobbies, her sarcasm, her alleged lack of femininity, or her status. He finds out she’s both Lunar and a cyborg and is only upset she didn’t tell him sooner.

Plus, he keeps the cyborg foot Cinder leaves behind at the ball. That’s precious.

Cinder kidnaps him on his wedding day and it is perfect. They are perfect. I lied about shipping Cinder and Thorne; Kai and Cinder are wonderful.

Wolf (AKA Ze’ev Kesley)

Freaking Wolf. He’s basically Kai, minus the sassiness and quintuple the angst. Throw in some murder, tattoos, animal instincts, intriguing scars, and physical perfection.

Voila. Wolf.

I’m a sucker for antiheroes and characters who strive to be better. Wolf does messed-up stuff, but he wants to change.

All that I love about Wolf is evident in the way he treats Scarlet. I love how he goes out of his way to protect her. It’s sweet…and kind of really hot. Of all the ships in the series, the Scarlet/Wolf romance made me swoon the most (so far). Palpable sexual tension, much more so than witty banter, is my favorite thing.

My favorite part in Scarlet is when Wolf nearly drops Scarlet off a train and freaks out, thinking he might have hurt her. All Scarlet wants is a hug, and this is the moment he finally allows himself to give her one. When I read that part, I cheered through my tears (I get really emotional about Lunar Chronicles, okay?)

Wolf gets a little annoying in Cress when he’s rendered nearly catatonic after Scarlet is kidnapped. Even so, I like how Meyer addresses it. I know how wrecked I would be if my significant other was in danger and I couldn’t help them–that’s some traumatic stuff. Wolf consoles himself by sleeping in Scarlet’s bed because it smells like her–ADORABLE. Even while mired in anguish, Wolf helps his friends when they need him.

And, even though it’s just a bunch of numbers, Wolf has a tattoo. Win.

Jacin Clay

Oh, Jacin Clay.

Jacin’s big problem is he’s mean. Really mean. And snarky. He’s angsty and bitter and does questionable things in order to survive. Marissa Meyer made a comment about readers not liking him. Despite everything I just mentioned, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t. I mean, come on:

  • He’s funny.
  • He’s super brawny.
  • He has “beautiful eyes and the rising sun in his smile.”
  • He manages to be my favorite while having a blonde ponytail. That’s some good writing right there.

Part of it might be the forbidden love angle (I have a thing about bodyguards who crush on their charges.) Though he claims not to be, Jacin is SUPER into Princess Winter. Rereading Cress with this in mind made for much squealing.

Also, how can you not love this quote?

“I serve my princess. No one else.”

This is why I can’t read Lunar Chronicles in public.