Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-buy authors


Today’s Top Ten Tuesday features my top ten auto-buy authors.

Is this a rehash of my Lady Writer Supergroup? POSSIBLY.


Maggie Stiefvater



Stiefvater gave me murder horses in The Scorpio Races.

She gave me Ronan Lynch in The Raven Cycle.

She gave me miracles in All the Crooked Saints.

I will go anywhere she leads.


Lucy Knisley


Yes, I would LOVE to read the autobiographical comics of a bisexual feminist.

After reading Something New, I started reading any and every book either by or featuring Lucy Knisley.

Knisley made me love graphic novels.


Patrick Ness

Knife of Never Letting Go

What sort of queer-centered emotional distress do you have for me today, Patrick?

Ness’ plot concepts are SO, so creative.

I often find that high-concept plots are heavy on hype and low on…actual plot.

Patrick Ness writes intricate stories with ACTUAL EMOTIONS. REAL-LIFE EMOTIONS.

And pain. So much pain.


Laini Taylor

Strange the Dreamer

You did it, Laini. You won me over.

Taylor’s stunning writing keeps me enthralled.

Her books are so pretty and swoony and evocative.

I want to go to Prague.

Magic wish-fueled date night in Prague.

Booking my future honeymoon immediately.


Katie Heaney


I THROW Katie Heaney’s memoirs into my cart.






Britta Lundin


Lundin only has one book out…so far.

I will likely buy her next book. And the next one.

I won’t stop.


Nina LaCour

LaCour wrote two of my favorite LGBTQIA+ books EVER.

Her presence improves any and every book.

More LaCour.


Marissa Meyer

I have had the following conversation with myself at least once:

“IS THAT A NEW MARISSA MEYER BOOK? How much is it? Don’t care, I’m buying it.”

It’s true. My friends can corroborate.

Because of Meyer, I take more chances on spacey YA adventures:

This sometimes works in my favor.


Kristin Cashore

Please reread the above entry.

I EMOTE when I see a new Kristin Cashore book.

I salivated over Jane, Unlimited for MONTHS.

I stroked its spine with tears in my eyes.

I read Graceling my sophomore year of high school.




Elizabeth Gilbert

I am so smitten with Elizabeth Gilbert.

I turn to Liz when I want straightforward spirituality.

Her novels are VERY different from her nonfiction.

Can’t wait to read her brand new book City of Girls.

It’s set in ONE of my favorite time periods in ONE of my favorite cities.

I trust Gilbert to BRING the research.

She finds fascinating sources and perspectives and I LOOOOVE it.

Sure, Liz, I’ll read your historical fiction. No sweat.


That’s it. Those are my auto-buys.

Does anyone have a list with some scary overlap?


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-buy authors”

  1. I love Nina La Cour. She just has the most beautiful way with words. Laini Taylor almost made my list and I’m really excited to see Elizabeth Gilbert here. I only recently bought City of Girls and cannot wait to read it. Fab list! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading! Laini Taylor ALMOST didn’t make my list! There are just so many good authors out there! And nice! I just got my copy of City of Girls from the library. I’m really excited!

      Liked by 1 person

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