Halloween Book Tag

HALLOWEEN IS FINALLY HERE. My plans: Eat candy Enjoy our office dessert potluck WIN THE COSTUME CONTEST Listen to "Spooky, Scary Skeletons" on loop Watch Hocus Pocus Today's tag covers fun Halloween-y activities. Personally, after the Great Pumpkin Mishap of 2016, I don't carve pumpkins. For today, I'll play along.   Carving Pumpkins What book would… Continue reading Halloween Book Tag


The Grishaverse Book Tag

I decided I need to reread Six of Crows and finish the duology. (I just bought the Six of Crows paperback and my first Victoria Schwab. Should be an interesting fall.) In honor of the Grishaverse, I'm doing this Bardugo-inspired tag I found at Rattle the Stars.   Kaz Brekker A book you shouldn't judge by its cover… Continue reading The Grishaverse Book Tag


Birthday Book Tag

My birthday isn't until January. I've already begun planning. I want a Fudgey the Whale cake. And books. And gold-spotted turquoise wrapping paper, if possible. The day off would be nice. I found a great birthday tag (thanks, Coffee, Cocktails, and Books!) In honor of my unbirthday, I plan to celebrate.   Birthday Cake A… Continue reading Birthday Book Tag


Jigsaw (Saw Franchise) Book Tag

A guy I once liked tried to argue that the movie Saw was a philosophical masterpiece. He also loved The Matrix. His opinions were suspect. What I know about the Saw franchise can be summed up in the following list: feet, torture, Cary Elwes, screaming, puppet, tricycle, bear trap. In today's tag, I try to escape Jigsaw's game with a… Continue reading Jigsaw (Saw Franchise) Book Tag


Vogue Book Tag

My mom asked if someone had made a fashion book tag. To my knowledge, no one has...yet. In the mean time, I found this awesome tag created by The Petite Book Blogger.   You are a socialite going on a shopping spree with your most stylish book BFF. You are going to be having lunch with… Continue reading Vogue Book Tag


Peculiar Book Tag

I read Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children a zillion years ago when it first came out. I had mixed feelings. I want mixed-media books to be better than they often are. The book starts great, declines in quality, and ends on a sequel hook. I HATE WHEN THOSE THINGS HAPPEN! TELL A COMPLETE STORY! Still, I… Continue reading Peculiar Book Tag


7 Deadly Sins Book Tag

It's Sunday and I'm headed to church. I wanted to stay on theme. (Sort of? My church views sin differently than other churches. Don't get me started.) Thanks Berries and Books for your great post on the topic.   Greed What is the most expensive book you own? I received a beautiful coffee table book… Continue reading 7 Deadly Sins Book Tag


Spooky Scary Book Tag

"Spooky, Scary Skeletons" is my favorite seasonal song. I listen to it on repeat. Imagine my excitement when I found a spooky, scary book tag. WHAT. This is a blessing. I have been blessed.   What goes bump in the night? Name a book that has legitimately scared you while reading it Quick tip: If… Continue reading Spooky Scary Book Tag


Fruits Basket Book Tag

You all knew it was coming. How has no one made a Fruits Basket tag yet? There's one for Lunar New Year, but that doesn't count. Not ONE BIT. For this tag, I only included zodiac members, but participation is open to all. Heads up: I will spoil some books. Spoilers everywhere.   Yuki the… Continue reading Fruits Basket Book Tag

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OMG This Song Book Tag

I'm sensitive about my own music tastes and judgmental of others'. A music/book tag sounds like a PERFECT COMBINATION FOR MY ANXIETY! According to Google, Kate's Book Date started this tag on BookTube. I'm excited. MY JAM A song you MUST listen to every time it comes on, no matter how old or how many… Continue reading OMG This Song Book Tag