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Black History Month

The start of Black History Month alerted me to the number of unread books I currently have by POC authors (including the massively popular The Hate U Give.) This month, to honor black writers and books with black main characters, I plan to read the following:   The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas I've watched The Hate… Continue reading Black History Month


Fruits Basket Book Tag

You all knew it was coming. How has no one made a Fruits Basket tag yet? There's one for Lunar New Year, but that doesn't count. Not ONE BIT. For this tag, I only included zodiac members, but participation is open to all. Heads up: I will spoil some books. Spoilers everywhere.   Yuki the… Continue reading Fruits Basket Book Tag


What I’m Reading: August 2018

I have two difficult drafts that I'm working on that I keep editing and restructuring and sometimes avoiding, which is why I haven't been posting as often. I need a break from the emotional energy required by those posts. So on to books. I am currently reading... The Princess Bride by William Goldman This is… Continue reading What I’m Reading: August 2018