Life’s a Beach Book Tag

Seattle's in the middle of a heat wave and I'm not happy about it. The weather has been creeping past Pacific Northwest Hot into Actually Hot. At least it feels like summer, so here's a summery book tag from Lefty at The Left-Handed Book Lover. The Sand A book that stuck with you long after… Continue reading Life’s a Beach Book Tag

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Sour Album (Olivia Rodrigo) Book Tag

Twitter convinced me to listen to Olivia Rodrigo's new album. I have it on right now and so far I really like it! Ashmita @ The Fictional Journal created a tag in honor of the album. This is what I've been working on instead of homework. Here are the rules: List the rules.Show some love… Continue reading Sour Album (Olivia Rodrigo) Book Tag

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Book Recs Based on My Favorite Musicals

I've been listening to musicals recently to help me cope with a sudden onslaught of work. I revisited some old favorites as well as a few that I once hated. Because I worked so much last week (and thus spent at least 50 hours listening to musicals), I decided to do book recommendations based on… Continue reading Book Recs Based on My Favorite Musicals


folklore is my favorite: an album dissection

I've listened to Taylor Swift's folklore close to two dozen times since its release. And, yes, despite my big research project not too long ago, my beloved reputation has been ousted by newcomer folklore. Folk is a very natural fit for Taylor Swift's vocal stylings - I'm surprised no one thought to explore this pairing sooner. folklore feels more vulnerable than… Continue reading folklore is my favorite: an album dissection


TOP TEN TUESDAY: Best Movies to Watch With Your Valentine

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! Today's topic is a Love Freebie.   My love language is Movies. When I love someone, I want to watch movies with them all day long. What better way to celebrate love than to watch one of these ten romantic films? Pop some popcorn (with - I hope - extra vegan… Continue reading TOP TEN TUESDAY: Best Movies to Watch With Your Valentine


My Favorite Books of 2019

I meant to publish this yesterday for Top Ten Tuesday. Instead, after three family Christmases and a miserable four-hour ride in a cramped truck, I stayed in bed and read all day. As a consequence, some last-minute books snuck their way onto my Top 10 list. It's a Cinderella story and a plot twist all… Continue reading My Favorite Books of 2019

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The Lover Book Tag: Round Five

Why would I work on my demon essay when there are more Taylor Swift tags to do? IT'S ROUND FIVE OF THE LOVER BOOK TAG, NOW WITH GRAPHICS. Katie at Pages and Pugs made this tag along with the graphics - it's her first book tag and I think she did a great job! (Also, Pages… Continue reading The Lover Book Tag: Round Five

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thank u, next Book Tag

Jenna. Does. The. Best. Tags. I hadn't seen the thank u, next tag before Jenna did it. I love a good music/book/pop culture mash-up. Approve. A quick warning: these prompts turned into mini-essays that trended serious. But hey: the song is about break-ups and exes who've died. Some solemnity isn't unprecedented. Ahem. Thank you, next.… Continue reading thank u, next Book Tag


The Book Break-up Tag

(Trigger warning: dating disasters) My love life, for once, is going well. I can't say the same about my reading life. This started out as a jokey blog post that turned really serious. (I wrote it during the December Sads.) To avoid the dark, woe-is-me implications of something I'd INTENDED to be funny, I turned… Continue reading The Book Break-up Tag


Fruits Basket Book Tag

You all knew it was coming. How has no one made a Fruits Basket tag yet? There's one for Lunar New Year, but that doesn't count. Not ONE BIT. For this tag, I only included zodiac members, but participation is open to all. Heads up: I will spoil some books. Spoilers everywhere.   Yuki the… Continue reading Fruits Basket Book Tag