Life’s a Beach Book Tag

Seattle's in the middle of a heat wave and I'm not happy about it. The weather has been creeping past Pacific Northwest Hot into Actually Hot. At least it feels like summer, so here's a summery book tag from Lefty at The Left-Handed Book Lover. The Sand A book that stuck with you long after… Continue reading Life’s a Beach Book Tag

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Reputation Book Tag

I told you. It's rereads and book tags from here on out. I found this one at Mollie the Reader and had a lot of fun with the answers. I tried not to choose the same ten books that I usually mention. Track One: …Ready For It – a book that you are sooooo ready… Continue reading Reputation Book Tag

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I, an unqualified person, determine your ideal snack using your zodiac sign

I've written at least one joke post about astrology and read two whole books about the planets' effects on our lives. In sum, I am no expert on the subject. However, I PROBABLY know enough to figure out your ideal snack based on your zodiac sign. Try and stop me. Aries Your ideal snack: Flamin'… Continue reading I, an unqualified person, determine your ideal snack using your zodiac sign


TOP TEN TUESDAY: Favorite Books of 2020

It's my first Top Ten Tuesday in a dog's age! I finally narrowed down my favorite books. You might see some familiar books. I couldn't stop talking about these reads all year longs. The Fire Never Goes Out: A Memoir in Pictures by Noelle Stevenson The Fire Never Goes Out may have ousted my longtime… Continue reading TOP TEN TUESDAY: Favorite Books of 2020


End of Autumn Recap Tag

I've been in winter mode for weeks now. Sorry, fall. You've been forgotten. Diana posted this great seasonal recap tag. Now that it's almost Christmas, it's time to summarize my fall reading experience. WATCH ME. ARE YOU WATCHING? MOM. ARE YOU WATCHING? Which book can you not stop thinking about? In the Dream House is obviously… Continue reading End of Autumn Recap Tag

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Holiday Book Shopping Guide

Whether you're buying gifts for friends and family or browsing for books for yourself, this list might help point you in a direction. I hope you find something you like. For the history buffs: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari The story of us in under 500 pages. The Anthropology of… Continue reading Holiday Book Shopping Guide

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Scorpio Season

Well, well,'s Scorpio season. Obviously this means I will be BREAKING OUT MY COPY OF THE SCORPIO RACES. Should I list other recommendations and activities that I will more than likely NOT participate in? Of COURSE. 'tis the season. What to do during Scorpio season  Engage your five senses in water-based activitiesBecause a...water sign...listen,… Continue reading Scorpio Season


Lover Tracks for Every Zodiac Sign

What did I say about the Lover-themed content on this blog? Enough is never enough. I did some superficial research on the zodiac for a different post and AM NOW AN EXPERT. (This is a lie; false confidence is my coping mechanism.) I like tying things to other things. You know this. YOU'VE READ MY TAGS. The… Continue reading Lover Tracks for Every Zodiac Sign

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The Great Astrology Comparison Chart: A personal journey into astrology

My friend Wez almost ruined the zodiac for me. The day after I showed him my zodiac soap, Wez reminded me of a controversial event from three years earlier. In 2016, NASA revealed that the cosmos had shifted. and our sky looks different than it did three thousand years ago. You know, when the zodiac… Continue reading The Great Astrology Comparison Chart: A personal journey into astrology


Zodiac Signs Book Tag

I just bought a beautiful Scorpio necklace at an Ashland jeweler to honor my moon sign. Do I put stock in astrology? I don't KNOW. I LOVE THE AESTHETICS. I LOVE A STAR MOTIF. I did an astrology tag previously, but I'm always looking for excuses to do more tags. The Awkward Book Blogger did… Continue reading Zodiac Signs Book Tag