TOP TEN TUESDAY: Bookish Things That Scare Me

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is a Halloween freebie. I settled on bookish things that scare me for this week's theme. Readers be warned. Unsatisfying endings Don't you hate when you're reading a book that you're CERTAIN will be a five-star read only to be betrayed at the end? My rating for The Intimacy Experiment fell… Continue reading TOP TEN TUESDAY: Bookish Things That Scare Me


Revisiting the Night Circus

(Spoilers ahead for The Night Circus) (CW: depression, anxiety, alcohol, suicide) I expected to hate The Starless Sea. I'd been hyped about everything from the cover (bees! keys!) to the plot synopsis (something something pirate ship in a magic sea!) until I realized who wrote it: Erin Morgenstern, author of The Night Circus, my least favorite book… Continue reading Revisiting the Night Circus


Top Ten Least Favorite Books of 2020

I don't normally do a list of my least favorite books of the year. Everyone on BookTube was doing it, though, and it looked really fun. I disliked quite a few books this year, so narrowing this list down to ten was a REAL CHALLENGE. I managed, though. I had a minor change of heart… Continue reading Top Ten Least Favorite Books of 2020

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March Wrap-Up

At the beginning of March, I attended a liberation theology class at my church and borrowed a book from my pastor's library with every intention of giving it back. At the beginning of April, I am in lockdown in my studio apartment. ...what the hell happened? March Happenings Coronavirus is here and it's really serious.… Continue reading March Wrap-Up


January Wrap-Up

My month-long birthday celebration officially ends today. DARN YOU, FEBRUARY. Then again, I do love seeing the pink-and-red decorations at the cupcake shop. The Harley Quinn movie comes out next week, the Oscars on the 9th, and in two weeks I have Valentine's plans with some of my favorite bois! Before I get to all… Continue reading January Wrap-Up


End of Autumn Recap Tag

I've been in winter mode for weeks now. Sorry, fall. You've been forgotten. Diana posted this great seasonal recap tag. Now that it's almost Christmas, it's time to summarize my fall reading experience. WATCH ME. ARE YOU WATCHING? MOM. ARE YOU WATCHING? Which book can you not stop thinking about? In the Dream House is obviously… Continue reading End of Autumn Recap Tag


Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite (and least favorite) character types

Give me all your clichés and archetypes. Let me swallow them whole. Today's Top Ten Tuesday was a freebie, which means the bloggers I follow came up with trillions of creative ideas. There's a "favorite tropes" TTT coming up, so today I wanted to focus on characters. Specifically, character types. I know I'll love certain… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite (and least favorite) character types


Reasons to DNF

I DNF (book blogger for "did not finish") books all the time. Last month, I DNFed 9 books. Just this week, I DNFed 2. I'm able to do this thanks to a high school English teacher who said, "Life is too short to read books you don't like." She was right. Why might I DNF… Continue reading Reasons to DNF


Fashion Book Tag

My mom suggested this tag a while ago. Like, a WHILE ago. I used my real-life wardrobe for inspiration and chose multiple femme items. Feel free to exchange any of the provided clothes with ones you would actually wear.   Basic Black Dress The most common genre in your book collection Most of my collection… Continue reading Fashion Book Tag


The Book Sacrifice Tag

I am here to destroy some books. I turn over and/or cover up books I don't like when I see them displayed in a store; I would have no compunctions about burning one of them. Hit me with the questions. (I found this over at Beth's blog Reading Every Night.)   An Over-Hyped Book Situation: You’re… Continue reading The Book Sacrifice Tag