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Bookish Academy Awards

Was anyone else disappointed by this year’s Academy wins?

Did the feel-good, white-guy centered, historical race drama seriously win Best Picture? Continue reading “Bookish Academy Awards”

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Valentine’s Day Book Recommendations


We’re all searching for different things.

I tried my best to categorize some of my favorite books (and some upcoming reads) for Valentine’s Day.

I hope you find what you’re looking for. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Book Recommendations”

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January Books-of-the-Month Club

I had a decent January, not in the least because I got to celebrate my birthday with a trillion new books.

I read almost 30 books this month and I loved most, if not all, of them.

That’s rare!!!

I wanted to see if I could narrow down my favorites to five books.

Though difficult, I managed. Continue reading “January Books-of-the-Month Club”

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Jingle Bell Book Tag

My favorite writing soundtrack is my dog’s snoring.

(I still call her “my dog” even though she lives with my parents.)

I have a couple free hours before we leave for Family Christmas (it’s a big deal. My dad is making cream cheese crackers.) I have a few more days to complete as many Christmas tags as I can find.

Dee did this Christmas-themed tag about a week ago and I loved it, so I’m on board. Continue reading “Jingle Bell Book Tag”