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whoops, evermore is my favorite actually: an album dissection (with book recs!)

Yes, I’m back with another album dissection. ’tis the damn season.

No one expected a second Taylor Swift album release in 2020, least of all me.

I didn’t see how evermore could live up to folklore.

It did…and it might be my new favorite album.

Hear me out:

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folklore is my favorite: an album dissection

I’ve listened to Taylor Swift’s folklore close to two dozen times since its release.

And, yes, despite my big research project not too long ago, my beloved reputation has been ousted by newcomer folklore.

Folk is a very natural fit for Taylor Swift’s vocal stylings – I’m surprised no one thought to explore this pairing sooner.

folklore feels more vulnerable than past albums. It ups the yearning quotient to levels we haven’t seen since “You Belong With Me” and includes plenty of POTENTIALLY QUEER CONTENT. (Yes, I know what Taylor said about “betty.” She is wrong.)

I wanted to talk about each track individually because, even after a month, I can’t stop thinking about them.

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