Ranking Taylor Swift Eras by Aesthetic

It took me a dozen "Which Taylor Swift Era Fits You" quizzes for me to realize how invested I am in the many fashions of Taylor Swift. Regarding the albums, I like evermore the most and Speak Now the least. My feelings differ concerning the eras' fashions. Let's talk clothes. THE WORST: Taylor Swift Taylor's… Continue reading Ranking Taylor Swift Eras by Aesthetic


folklore is my favorite: an album dissection

I've listened to Taylor Swift's folklore close to two dozen times since its release. And, yes, despite my big research project not too long ago, my beloved reputation has been ousted by newcomer folklore. Folk is a very natural fit for Taylor Swift's vocal stylings - I'm surprised no one thought to explore this pairing sooner. folklore feels more vulnerable than… Continue reading folklore is my favorite: an album dissection


Book Design Tag

Emer found a book tag (created by Holly Dunn Design) on Youtube and Iiiiiii stole it. I mean, she tagged me. Don't worry about it. THE PROMPTS 1. A book you bought primarily (or completely) because of the cover I saw this very pretty, operatic copy of Winter's Tale at Powell's for only $8. I… Continue reading Book Design Tag


Dreamy Book Cover Tag

Jenna tagged me in this visually-inspired book tag. I found out last year that - surprise, surprise - I learn visually after years of claiming to be an auditory processor. Turns out being a musician does not an auditory processor make. For this tag, I got to pick some of my favorite book covers, which… Continue reading Dreamy Book Cover Tag


10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #4: Book Cover Likes and Dislikes

THIS IS THE BEST DAY YET. LIKES: A title in colored font I'm sitting right next to one of my bookshelves and there's a definite theme: many of my favorite books have titles in insane colors. That kind of detail draws my eye. An example: The Best Party of Our Lives has a rainbow spine with… Continue reading 10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #4: Book Cover Likes and Dislikes