Outed by my book-buying habits

If it wasn't made clear in past posts, I'm bisexual. I wasn't privy to/able to process this piece of information until my mid-twenties. So it goes. It took me until NOW to realize that many of the SFF YA novels I've purchased over the years have similar cover art. You'll see what I mean in… Continue reading Outed by my book-buying habits


The Sunshine Blogger Award III

Hello! I'm doing the Sunshine Blogger Award for the THIRD time. What is the Sunshine Blogger Award? The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community. How does it work? Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award III


Book Design Tag

Emer found a book tag (created by Holly Dunn Design) on Youtube and Iiiiiii stole it. I mean, she tagged me. Don't worry about it. THE PROMPTS 1. A book you bought primarily (or completely) because of the cover I saw this very pretty, operatic copy of Winter's Tale at Powell's for only $8. I… Continue reading Book Design Tag


New Year’s Eve Book Tag

ANOTHER DANCE, ANOTHER WAY, ANOTHER CHANCE...ANOTHER TAAAAAAAG. It was Chinese New Year not too long ago, so...happy New Year! This tag is still relevant! If you don't know about Jenna from Bookmark Your Thoughts, she is awesome. She leaves the kindest comments, finds great book tags, and buddy-reads pirate novels with me. Which reminds me...JENNA,… Continue reading New Year’s Eve Book Tag


‘Tis the Season Book Tag

'TIS THE SEASON FOR HOLIDAY-THEMED TAGS! I am waiting on a few more Christmas gifts to arrive. One of them should get here by the family party. The others...well. I'm really not sure. Anyway, 'tis the season to snag book tags from great blogs like Kristin Kraves Books. Happy holidays. Do you have a favorite… Continue reading ‘Tis the Season Book Tag


The Perfect Romance Novel

I want to be a person who enjoys all types of romance. Alas, I am not. My tastes are ultra-specific. What do I want from a romance novel? What kinds of tropes do I like to see? Let me describe the elements of my ideal romance. Flirty Banter Must be funny without being hurtful. Don't… Continue reading The Perfect Romance Novel


Fall Book Tag

I'm doing my best to summon fall. It's 80 DEGREES, today. Are you JOKING? I'm supposed to be eating SOUP. I don't believe I did this tag last year, so here it goes. Come on, fall. Bring your fog and your crisp afternoons. I found this tag on Kristin's blog with the following rules: Please… Continue reading Fall Book Tag


Dreamy Book Cover Tag

Jenna tagged me in this visually-inspired book tag. I found out last year that - surprise, surprise - I learn visually after years of claiming to be an auditory processor. Turns out being a musician does not an auditory processor make. For this tag, I got to pick some of my favorite book covers, which… Continue reading Dreamy Book Cover Tag

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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY: Birthday Book Tag

It's my birthday. I hit 26 this year. I feel less like a baby, which is nice. I also have PLANS WITH FRIENDS. 2019 is looking up.   Count your birth date along your bookshelf. Then subtract your birth month and go back the same number of books. I have two different bookshelves on opposite… Continue reading IT’S MY BIRTHDAY: Birthday Book Tag


Christmas Cuisine Book Tag

I found an older post on Beth's blog chock-full of foods I've never heard of. The idea of a Christmas feast scares me (carrot casserole!?), but I couldn't resist the tag. Happy Christmas, Harry. Yule Log: A beautiful edition of a book that you won’t touch for fear of ruining it. I've almost purchased the… Continue reading Christmas Cuisine Book Tag