Book Design Tag

Emer found a book tag (created by Holly Dunn Design) on Youtube and Iiiiiii stole it.

I mean, she tagged me.

Don’t worry about it.


1. A book you bought primarily (or completely) because of the cover

I saw this very pretty, operatic copy of Winter’s Tale at Powell’s for only $8.

I never ended up reading it.

It was stressing me out, sitting there unread, so I sold it back to Powell’s.

I may or may not read this in the future.

2. A book you want to buy that has a beautiful cover

I don’t actually know what the plot of The Winter Duke is.

I…kind of don’t care.

3. Your favourite series design

The rerelease of the Grisha trilogy is gorgeous.

I would give this series another chance just for the covers.

4. Dust jacket: a book with a beautiful dust jacket, or something unexpected under the jacket

I got a special edition of Call Down the Hawk in my limited edition Owlcrate box.

It’s beautiful and blue and signed by the author and has art inside the dust jacket.


I’m afraid to take it out of its protective wrapping.

5. Naked hardback: a gorgeous book with no dust jacket

The special edition of Throne of Glass is so pretty.

I don’t like this book that much, but this edition?

Worth it for the cover.

6. A beautiful paperback

I still love my Barnes & Noble special edition of Pride and Prejudice.

Everyone should own this specific edition.


7. A nonfiction book with a lovely cover

I bought Big Magic for the cover.

I can’t normally justify brand-new hardcover purchases.

I made room in the budget (read: overspent) for this one.

8. A book with great endpapers

My favorite part of Fangirl was the fanart in the endpapers.

This book is so pretty. It should be so much better.

9. Spine: a book that looks just as gorgeous spine-out as it does face-out

I FINALLY decided to read Little Women after my mom bought me this gorgeous anniversary edition.

The spine is just as lovely as the cover.

Keeping it on my shelf for the aesthetics.

10. Tag some friends!

Oh goodness. The pressure.

Let’s say…you’re allowed to do this if you love book design.

Have fun!

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