Revisiting Sailor Moon: Season 1, Part 1

I rewatched Viz Media's 2015 dub of the original Sailor Moon anime. These were my thoughts.   Season 1, Part 1 Summary: Luna: USAGI. Pull yourself together and save the world! Rei: USAGI!!! WHY ARE YOU SO INCOMPETENT? YOU'RE A COMPLETE TRAINWRECK. Tuxedo Mask: You can do it! Believe in yourself! Usagi: You're right, Tuxedo Mask!… Continue reading Revisiting Sailor Moon: Season 1, Part 1


Tropes Book Tag

I spent the summer of 2012 on the website TVTropes. Tropes got me through a stressful nanny job, my first breakup, and a panic surrounding college housing. I've been using the website ever since. As soon as I finish a new show, I pull up it's YMMV page to read alternate theories and comments. Kristin… Continue reading Tropes Book Tag


Ruler of Books Tag

Wielding authority over others' reading tastes is too much power for one person...but I'll gladly take on the mantle.   What book would you make everyone read? I want EVERYONE to read Pure. I do know some ladies who (from the outside) appear to have had a positive church experience. These women are often docile, gender-conforming,… Continue reading Ruler of Books Tag


Birthday Book Haul

My birthday came and went with minimal angst. I spent a nice weekend with my parents. On the actual day, some friends took me out for dinner and improv. Oh, and I got a ton of books. These books came in waves. After Christmas, flush with gift cards, I ordered some books to be picked… Continue reading Birthday Book Haul


Dreamy Book Cover Tag

Jenna tagged me in this visually-inspired book tag. I found out last year that - surprise, surprise - I learn visually after years of claiming to be an auditory processor. Turns out being a musician does not an auditory processor make. For this tag, I got to pick some of my favorite book covers, which… Continue reading Dreamy Book Cover Tag

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Top 6 Favorite Sailor Moon Characters

So listen. My initial list of favorites took a problematic turn. In a show all about girl power, my favorite characters were mostly men. That's as bad as only liking Adam from Girls. So I balanced my list out, hence 6 characters instead of 5. I'm trying to make up for being a Bad Feminist.  … Continue reading Top 6 Favorite Sailor Moon Characters

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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY: Birthday Book Tag

It's my birthday. I hit 26 this year. I feel less like a baby, which is nice. I also have PLANS WITH FRIENDS. 2019 is looking up.   Count your birth date along your bookshelf. Then subtract your birth month and go back the same number of books. I have two different bookshelves on opposite… Continue reading IT’S MY BIRTHDAY: Birthday Book Tag


Lauren’s Poor Impulse Control: The Great January Readathon

I left Seattle on Friday with the best of intentions. You may recall my plan to finish my Bremerton library books, turn them in, and start on backlist books. I have, after all, at least a dozen partially-read books, a hefty stack of recent purchases, and an embarrassing number of unread Powell's finds. Ahem. This… Continue reading Lauren’s Poor Impulse Control: The Great January Readathon


Sailor Moon Fashion Corner

This is a Sailor Moon blog now. You came here for book tags or faith confessions? Sorry. All Sailor Moon, all the time. At least until I run out of Sailor Moon-inspired ideas. Despite taking place in the '90s, Sailor Moon boasts some excellent fashion choices. I compiled a list of my ten favorite fashion hits, along with some unfortunate missteps...… Continue reading Sailor Moon Fashion Corner


Top 10 Books I Need to Read in 2019

Well...I did a thing. I liked both of the topics on Artsy Reader Girl and Bionic Book Worm, so... ...I combined them. My birthday is next week and there are so many books I WANT. I keep adding books to my wishlist. I have narrowed down (somewhat) the books I want to read in the… Continue reading Top 10 Books I Need to Read in 2019