Ranking Taylor Swift Eras by Aesthetic

It took me a dozen "Which Taylor Swift Era Fits You" quizzes for me to realize how invested I am in the many fashions of Taylor Swift. Regarding the albums, I like evermore the most and Speak Now the least. My feelings differ concerning the eras' fashions. Let's talk clothes. THE WORST: Taylor Swift Taylor's… Continue reading Ranking Taylor Swift Eras by Aesthetic


Fashion Book Tag

My mom suggested this tag a while ago. Like, a WHILE ago. I used my real-life wardrobe for inspiration and chose multiple femme items. Feel free to exchange any of the provided clothes with ones you would actually wear.   Basic Black Dress The most common genre in your book collection Most of my collection… Continue reading Fashion Book Tag


Sailor Moon Fashion Corner

This is a Sailor Moon blog now. You came here for book tags or faith confessions? Sorry. All Sailor Moon, all the time. At least until I run out of Sailor Moon-inspired ideas. Despite taking place in the '90s, Sailor Moon boasts some excellent fashion choices. I compiled a list of my ten favorite fashion hits, along with some unfortunate missteps...… Continue reading Sailor Moon Fashion Corner


Vogue Book Tag

My mom asked if someone had made a fashion book tag. To my knowledge, no one has...yet. In the mean time, I found this awesome tag created by The Petite Book Blogger.   You are a socialite going on a shopping spree with your most stylish book BFF. You are going to be having lunch with… Continue reading Vogue Book Tag