Sailor Moon Fashion Corner

This is a Sailor Moon blog now.

You came here for book tags or faith confessions?

Sorry. All Sailor Moon, all the time.

At least until I run out of Sailor Moon-inspired ideas.

Despite taking place in the ’90s, Sailor Moon boasts some excellent fashion choices.

I compiled a list of my ten favorite fashion hits, along with some unfortunate missteps…


10. Umino’s Powder Blue Suit

Image result for sailor moon umino suit

Umino’s suit marks his transformation into an eeeeeeeeeeevil troublemaker.

His “bad boy” outfit is a glorious exercise in dapper absurdity.

Umino, unfortunately, sexually harasses both his teacher and Usagi in this fashion-forward episode. JUST WHEN I’D HOPPED ON THE UMINO TRAIN, I HAD TO HOP BACK OFF.


9. Kunzite’s Unbuttoned Uniform Shirt

Honorable mention goes to Kunzite’s cape. It is a thing of beauty.

But the BUTTON.

Related image

NO ONE COMMENTS ON HIS UNBUTTONED UNIFORM. Maybe everyone else enjoys the view as much as I do.


8. Zoisite’s Uniform

Related image None of the other Shittenou pull off the uniform quite like Zoisite does.

ESPECIALLY not Jadeite.

RED BOOTS, Jadeite? Are you INSANE?

Zoisite masters fit, color coordination, and accessorization, and NO ONE gives him proper credit.

His hair looks GREAT in EVERY episode. Can he at LEAST get kudos for THAT?



7. Haruka’s Tailored Outfits

None of the men in this show (BESIDES UMINO) know how to wear a suit.

Keep it up with your baggy pants and oversized jackets, gentlemen. BRILLIANT.

Haruka, on the other hand, understands the importance of tailoring.

Related image


Haruka looks good in anything. Here they go business casual:

Related image

Here they go out on the town:

Related image

WHAT is this vest and WHY does it work??

Haruka for president.


6. Sailor Mercury’s Color-Coordination

Controversial opinion: Sailor Mercury has the best uniform of the Sailor Senshi.

Look at the subtle variations between the different shades of blue.

Image result for sailor mercury

Is that a blue star on her tiara? Love it.

Special mention goes to her BOOTS.

Related image

The other Sailor Senshi favor high heels, ankle boots, or red boots (THIS IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA.)

Mercury tweaks Sailor Moon’s iconic red boots to match her color palette.

This is how you know she’s the team genius.


5. Naru’s Curls

I love Naru’s hair.

Related image

Pairing her gingery curls with a hair bow is a bold, yet effective, move.

I love seeing wavy hair represented in anime.

More waves! More hair bows!


4. Usagi’s Swimsuit

Luna calls this swimsuit a disaster.

Luna is WRONG.

Image result for usagi swimsuit

If I found MY swimsuit full of holes, I’d give up.

Usagi solves her swimsuit problem by patching the moth holes with bows.

Genius. Give her a fashion empire.


3. Beryl’s Daring Peek-a-boo Bra

Because I don’t care about Queen Beryl, it took me half a season to notice her knockout dress.

Related image

No other villain I know would attempt wearing cut-outs with a visible dark moon bra.

Speaking of the bra: way to stay on brand!

I now know what you’re all about.



2. Sailor Jupiter’s Rose Earrings

I wish I could put Sailor Jupiter’s entire outfit on this list. It has so many perfect parts to it.

First of all, green and pink? Great combination.

High-heeled lace-up ankle boots? Versatile AND stylish.

That scrunchie thing? Love it. Want it.


Image result for sailor jupiter rose earrings

For one thing, they’re adorable. I love pink, but I can’t wear it. (I also have a floral opposition.)

For another, they soften Makoto’s “tough girl” image and I LOVE A GOOD CONTRAST.

BEST OF ALL, they represent Makoto’s dream of opening a flower shop.


My ear piercings closed up long ago and I still googled “Jupiter rose earrings” to see if I could purchase a pair.

Of the many pairs available, I located a favorite:

Image result for sailor jupiter rose earrings

You can buy these at ArtBows’ shop on Etsy.


1. Princess Serenity’s White Dress

Yes, yes. I hear the complaints now.

Usagi wears tons of great clothes throughout the series. Why did I go with the obvious?

I have a different question: HOW is she pulling off an empire waist?

Related image

I will repeat this forever and ever: no one looks good in an empire waist.


And yet…Princess Serenity somehow DOES.

Oh, and no big, but the dress is also BACKLESS with a giant bow and mega ruffles.

Related image

Could this dress get any better?

Wait…stop…that was a rhetorical quest-

Related image

I am now planning my Sailor Moon wedding.

Bridesmaids will wear green-and-pink or all blue.

Groomsmen get powder-blue suits with Kunzite capes.

Sorry, future fiance, you don’t get a say.


While y’all are here, what do you say we check out some Sailor Moon fashion missteps?

Here’s a hint: they all involve Mamoru.

Image result for sailor moon mamoru clothes

Mamoru, what are you doing?

Related image

Mamoru, look in a mirror!

Related image


Related image


Surely, he can’t be responsible for ALL of the bad fashion on this show.

Related image

Reiiiiiiiiiii, whyyyyyyyyyyy?

This is the most ’90S THING OF ALL. She looks like one of the kids on “Zoom.”

Related image

I take it back; Lynese makes overalls work for her.

Just…COME ON, REI! Turquoise socks? Rolled-up pant legs? WHITE SHOES?

NO ONE on this show could do worse.

Related image

I stand corrected.

Only a villain would wear a baggy suit in PASTELS.

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