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March Wrap-Up

At the beginning of March, I attended a liberation theology class at my church and borrowed a book from my pastor's library with every intention of giving it back. At the beginning of April, I am in lockdown in my studio apartment. ...what the hell happened? March Happenings Coronavirus is here and it's really serious.… Continue reading March Wrap-Up


Women’s History Book Tag

HAPPY MARCH! The VERY amazing Margaret @ Weird Zeal created this excellent original tag for Women's History Month (which is THIS MONTH! RIGHT NOW!) Margaret has "a lot of feelings" (same) and writes lovely, passionate reviews. She recently shared about her editing process, inspiring me to print out my own NaNo novel and give editing… Continue reading Women’s History Book Tag


Ruler of Books Tag

Wielding authority over others' reading tastes is too much power for one person...but I'll gladly take on the mantle.   What book would you make everyone read? I want EVERYONE to read Pure. I do know some ladies who (from the outside) appear to have had a positive church experience. These women are often docile, gender-conforming,… Continue reading Ruler of Books Tag

Real Life

Solving Spiritual Debates

Over plates of mediocre spaghetti, I hear a familiar discussion start. A fellow Christian (usually male, shaking his head sadly) puts his fork down and bellows, "The body of Christ is so FRACTURED!" The rest of the table pauses. I munch on a corner of garlic bread. "How can we have UNITY in the church," the… Continue reading Solving Spiritual Debates