Wine Book Tag

My recent beverage book tags made me nostalgic for alcohol. Hey! Alcohol! I used to drink that stuff! Finding Jasmine's Wine Book Tag made me miss the Good(ish) Old Days. I thought about creating prompts for riesling and moscato (my favorites), but that required a deep dive into wine culture I couldn't stomach. ENJOY THESE DRY,… Continue reading Wine Book Tag


Celebrating Oktoberfest: Drunk Book Tag

Technically, Oktoberfest ended on the 7th. But who cares? Let's keep the celebration going all month long! I found this tag on Coffee and Cocktails. Feel free to post a rebuttal here or there or everywhere. Wine Coolers You’re 16 and you finally managed to sneak one of your mom’s Smirnoff Ices. What is one… Continue reading Celebrating Oktoberfest: Drunk Book Tag

Real Life

Solving Spiritual Debates

Over plates of mediocre spaghetti, I hear a familiar discussion start. A fellow Christian (usually male, shaking his head sadly) puts his fork down and bellows, "The body of Christ is so FRACTURED!" The rest of the table pauses. I munch on a corner of garlic bread. "How can we have UNITY in the church," the… Continue reading Solving Spiritual Debates