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The Versatile Blogger Award

A million thanks for this tag go to Jenna, one of the most positive bloggers I’ve ever (virtually) met.

Her book reviews will want to make you read whatever she’s reading. If you haven’t visited her blog before, go now. I’ll wait. Continue reading “The Versatile Blogger Award”

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Amateur Vegan

Picture me checking ingredient labels in Safeway while wearing a wool sweater and leather boots.

Picture me squeezing honey into my mug in lieu of vegan creamer.

Picture me wolfing down a Caprese sandwich because the catered work lunch didn’t offer vegan options.

Hi. I’m an amateur vegan. Continue reading “Amateur Vegan”

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Solving Spiritual Debates

Over plates of mediocre spaghetti, I hear a familiar discussion start. A fellow Christian (usually male, shaking his head sadly) puts his fork down and bellows, “The body of Christ is so FRACTURED!”

The rest of the table pauses. I munch on a corner of garlic bread.

“How can we have UNITY in the church,” the man continues, “if we’re all SEPARATE!?”

Missing the rhetorical nature of the question, the rest of the table jumps in. Continue reading “Solving Spiritual Debates”

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Comfort Month

I had some goal for October but, coming up to it, I’ve decided on a better plan: just…relax.

I want a break from the intense goals I keep setting for myself.

I want a month without a focus.

I want time to relax before my Next Big Project (which will necessitate a month-long hiatus.)

I’m trying to be more mindful of my energy, so! No hard goals this month! Everything is soft – it’s all about comfort.

This month, I would like to:

  • Drink tea
    Safeway had a sale on Tazo tea last weekend! I cleaned up!
  • Wear a sweater
    Seattle hasn’t decided how cold it wants to be. Most days, my office is freezing; when I go outside, I have to peel layers off my body; in my apartment, I open all the windows. So a nice, brisk day that requires a CARDIGAN would be swell.
  • Reread a favorite book
    Even the staunchest feminists need a break. Carry On tops my reread list. I’m also considering Dress Codes for Small Towns, Far From the Tree, and Turtles All the Way Down. If I really let myself go, I’d reread half my bookshelf. Which, you know…I could.
    WHAT AM I THINKING? It’s October! Training for The Scorpio Races starts SOON!
  • Revisit a reviled book
    What if Fangirl is really good!? Maybe I wasn’t ready for it the first time!
    Watching The Golden Compass reminded me how much I liked the book. I thought I could get through the series now that I have different opinions on sacrilege.
    Then I remembered Will Parry and scrapped that idea.
  • Read a borrowed book
    My mom lent me Disunity in the Church by Christena Cleveland for Spiritual Health Month. I got through one chapter before setting it down to focus on my stack of 9,000,000 library books.
    Claire also lent me a number of fantasy novels, two poetry books, and a couple historically-inspired stories. You read that right.
    I might as well finish one of these while I have the time.
  • Read a new book
    I started Anger is a Gift over a month ago and haven’t picked it up since! Then I bought some fun new novels and received a bunch of books as gifts…MY SHELF RUNNETH OVER.
    Maybe I’ll finally read The Hate U Give or check out Heretics Anonymous (a book I’m very excited about…)
  • Finish an unfinished book
    I have this habit of starting six books at once and neglecting ones I don’t like. For the ones I have going right now, I either have to finish them or stop reading them. I have several contenders that I don’t want to name. One of them is a reread that I was enjoying until Feminist Month caught up with me!
  • Bake
    I found four fall dessert recipes to try out on my coworkers. They all have basically the same ingredients, so I’ll likely have to pick one and scrap the rest. BUT STILL. I get to use cinnamon, yellow cake mix, and cream cheese. I am unreasonably excited about the prospect.
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Books as Desserts: A Bakery Case of Genres

I have to credit Claire for this idea: she called Georgette Heyer romances “little fluffy pastries” and I, of course, took it a step too far.

I have strong opinions about books and dessert. Like dessert, different genres of books inspire my praise or rouse my ire. I scream the same epithets when someone brings cobbler to a potluck that I use when an acquaintance recommends a historical thriller.

All of us can be as picky about books as we are about pastry.

Here is my personal take on genres and the desserts with which they correspond.

Historical nonfiction = scones
Dry and unsatisfying.

Science fiction = durian ice cream
Pretty weird and not for everyone.

YA romance = Costco sheet cake
I used to be able to eat a lot of it, but now it makes me sick.

Mysteries = cupcakes
I love trying unique flavors, but even those can be a bit boring.

Social science books = donuts
Whenever these are offered, I devour at least three.

Magical realism = chocolate
I want to try every single variety, especially the foreign ones.

Memoir = cheesecake
When I pick the right flavor, nothing satisfies me more.

Children’s lit = muffins
Comfort food.

Historical fiction = cobbler
I refuse to consume this unless there are interesting ingredients.

High fantasy = gummy candy
Much more my brother’s’ speed than mine.

Christian fiction = fruit salad
Everyone pretends to like it much more than they do.

Theology = pumpkin pie
One bite and I’m good for another year.

Classic literature = rice pudding
I can appreciate it more as an adult.