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Cataloguing the Thoughts Swimming in My Soup Brain

I haven’t been able to focus on reading in two weeks.

A recent bout of chronic stress has turned my brain to pink and gray soup.

In that soup swim several hyperfixations that are keeping me going.

Here are a few of them.


Hades video game by Supergiant Games

Hades is fantastic and everyone in it is hot.

I’m not usually one for combat games because I hate losing.

This game won me over with its clever storytelling.

I am now VERY powerful and determined to free prisoners, unite lovers, and uproot the Olympian power structure.

I WILL fulfill the prophecies. Just watch me.

Just so you all know, 90% of the brain space I’ve devoted to Hades has been taken up by Thanatos.


Person holding a mug and writing in a notebook

I have been working on a novel since about March.

The story itself is pretty bleak, but writing it has been very cathartic.

I’m finally writing what I consider “the good stuff,” AKA the stuff that makes my beta readers yell.

I tried to write enemies-to-lovers hurt/comfort and ended up with all hurt, no comfort.

I’m a professional.


Blame Instagram for getting me into Squishmallows.

I saw Danielito the Starry Cat and wanted him in my life.

Then I learned there was a bison Squishmallow and I LOVE bison. (THANKS, Neil Gaiman.)

Wilfred the bison Squishmallow

While buying a present for my niece, I picked up Wilfred the bison.

He is very soft.

My new niece

My brother and sister-in-law just had their first child.

Her name is Josie Jean and she has already punched me in the face.

I wish she lived closer so I could see her more often.

I’m going to buy her SO many unnecessary things.

Iced Coffee

Mason jar of iced coffee on a table

I won’t stop thinking about it. It’s delicious.

Stranger Things

Scrabble tiles spelling "Stranger Things"

I got really into Stranger Things the last couple of months.

I honestly feel nervous about the intensity of my feelings for this show.

What if the Duffer Brothers pull a Game of Thrones?

None of this has stopped me from trying to dress like Eddie Munson.

I wear chunky rings and raglan tees to capture some of the Eddie magic.

This rad milk purse

Pure Milk 100% Milk milk carton purse

I don’t need a new purse. I don’t.

However. This one looks like a carton of milk.


Piebald Highland Cow walking down a road by the sea

I started following KamiAri Studio on TikTok and Instagram when I found out they sell adorable cow-themed enamel pins.

The pink and purple ones are my favorite.

These are the “good cows” Martin Blackwood was talking about.


Tattoo artist working on an arm piece

My tattoo appointment is tomorrow. Even though my tattoo concept is pretty set in stone, I have tons of ideas for future tattoos.

I may need a cow and/or a bison at some point.

I tried to talk one of my friends into getting a krill tattoo with me. She is NOT on board.


Thanks, Jordan Peele, I will never look up at the sky AGAIN.

A lot of the horror in Nope is sound-only and it’s ROUGH.

I watched this movie with my mouth hanging open.


I finished season three of Legendary and my brain will not stop screaming about it.

I think constantly about the ethics and logistics of starting a new house.

I chew on my general unease regarding the House of Ninja.

I tease apart the different types of gender expression in each house and how personal expression differs from performance.

I get really heated about the responsibilities of house parents.

As a performer, I’m fascinated by the houses of capable individual performers who don’t know how to perform in a group.

I am this close to diving down a rabbit hole about the history of ballroom.

The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

The Raven Boys made me feel very safe and excited about the world during a wobbly period of my life.

I need some of that right now.

My friends will tell you about how I infodumped about the characters for over an hour last week.

NO ONE ASKED but I still delivered!


I’m even considering trying the Dreamer trilogy again. I want to stay in this world for as long as I can.

Ari Aster

I started watching Ari Aster’s short films and I have REGRETS.

His most controversial short definitely made me feel something.

Aster’s depictions of abuse, victim-blaming, shame, and fear were horrifically accurate.

Some of the images from that short are never going to leave my head.

There you go. There are the contents of my brain.

I hope to be able to read again soon.

I also hope to make Thanatos love me.

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