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Dream Daddy Book Tag [ORIGINAL]

Fuck it. Times have been hard. Here's a book tag. Since finishing school, I've been playing a buttload of video games, including queer mainstay Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. A good alternate title might be Subverting Stereotypes: The Game. I should do a Dad ranking one of these days because two of these daddies… Continue reading Dream Daddy Book Tag [ORIGINAL]


Books as First Dates Book Tag

Valentine's Day was two days ago and I almost missed it. I remember chocolate and some cutesy posts on Twitter. Otherwise it was a nonevent. Elli @ Ace Reader posted this tag for Valentine's Day and I thought it was perfect. This tag was created by Alice @ Love for Words, a gorgeous blog with… Continue reading Books as First Dates Book Tag


Seattle Seahawks Book Tag (ORIGINAL)

I'm in an interfaith relationship. My partner supports the Seattle Seahawks. I do not. Though my family and friends root for the Hawks, my days of football fandom are long behind me. Too many negative interactions with the fans left me with a distaste for sports. Some habits never go away, though; I still show… Continue reading Seattle Seahawks Book Tag (ORIGINAL)