Books as First Dates Book Tag

Valentine's Day was two days ago and I almost missed it. I remember chocolate and some cutesy posts on Twitter. Otherwise it was a nonevent. Elli @ Ace Reader posted this tag for Valentine's Day and I thought it was perfect. This tag was created by Alice @ Love for Words, a gorgeous blog with… Continue reading Books as First Dates Book Tag

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Stardew Valley Vibe Check: Judging the romance options

Thanks to some very convincing friends, I am currently obsessed with Stardew Valley. Stardew Valley is an American farming simulator influenced heavily by Harvest Moon, a popular Japanese farming sim that I grew up playing. Players can grow crops, raise animals, explore caves, make friends, and - most importantly - romance one of twelve marriage… Continue reading Stardew Valley Vibe Check: Judging the romance options

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Spooky Confessions: Dating Fears

It's spooky season and what's spookier than vulnerability? I mentioned in my September wrap-up that I downloaded OkCupid again. That lasted about two-and-a-half weeks. The final straw came when someone asked me out only to unmatch with me right before we finalized plans. Conventional wisdom said to move on and not take it personally. As… Continue reading Spooky Confessions: Dating Fears

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2019 Recap: Farewell to an Exhausting Year

Where do I even start? A fair number of big things happened in 2019. I am, to put it mildly, pretty tired. Here's why. I Went Vegan One of the main tenets of Methodism is "Do no harm." In 2019, I tried to minimize the harm I cause, starting with what I eat. I'm pretty… Continue reading 2019 Recap: Farewell to an Exhausting Year


The Book Break-up Tag

(Trigger warning: dating disasters) My love life, for once, is going well. I can't say the same about my reading life. This started out as a jokey blog post that turned really serious. (I wrote it during the December Sads.) To avoid the dark, woe-is-me implications of something I'd INTENDED to be funny, I turned… Continue reading The Book Break-up Tag

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Alone at Christmas

I upped my meds this week. I'm amazed at how much better I feel. I made it to Saturday Morning yoga for the first time in two months. I wrapped all my Christmas presents. I joined friends for karaoke, even though it was past my bedtime. Additionally, a whole host of dark thoughts about singleness disappeared. I… Continue reading Alone at Christmas


Book Courtship Tag

I'm freaking out about the Nick and Diane romance from Come From Away. I get "Stop the World" stuck in my head all the time. Sometimes I tear up. I'm not proud. But I'm fascinated by their courtship. The couple met because of 9/11 and fell in love over five days. HOW? I don't have the… Continue reading Book Courtship Tag

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Never Going Back: My Month Using a Dating App

The following is based on real events. January 2017 Welcome to Java Junkies - where coffee fiends find love! To get started, THOROUGHLY fill out your Java profile! Be as specific as possible!   The Profile Name: Lauren Age: 24 Height: 5'9" Career: Barista Religion: Christian I Like: Reading inside Bucking tradition Making coffee Blogging… Continue reading Never Going Back: My Month Using a Dating App


10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #10: Which genres do you not like to read?

I REACHED THE FINAL DAY. I won a badge! LOOK: I still have to write today's post. Let me just tear my eyes away from my victory. I just wrote about some of my least favorite genres, but today I have the chance to go into more detail. Generally, I do not read: Historical Nonfiction… Continue reading 10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #10: Which genres do you not like to read?